For my absence as of late again, but this time it is for a very good reason that I think you will
all approve of! The hubs has been working very hard on my new (!!!) blog, to the point that it
is almost ready to unveil. I am so freaking excited, guys. I have never had my own fancy website
and am lucky enough to have someone as talented as the hubs at the helm of design.

So hang in there, do not give up on me because I hope my next post will be redirecting all of you
to my pretty new home on the world wide web. And then you will never be able to get rid of me.
I will be posting regularly and trying my best to bring the best content possible to keep you all

Ta-ta for now!


Nani said...

I already think your blog is super cool, so imagine... Looking forward :)

nadia said...

Can't wait....and BTW, It's Heroesday...er...I mean, Monday! ;)

Meli said...

Jeez, thanks guys!!!!!
I hope it's a fun little place :)

Is it sad that the highlight of my day will be between 9pm-10pm tonight? Probably lol.