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So what if I have a preference? ;)
Last night was the premiere of Heroes Volume 4 & I loved every second of it.
OK, well maybe not when the words "to be continued" appeared on the screen,
but every other moment was great. I know it was basically a "set up" episode so
not a lot of action really happened, but I can't wait to see the way this volume
plays out.

There have been rumors that due to huge rating drops, Heroes may not be on the
air after Volume 4 if those ratings don't increase in the next few months so if you are
a fan or even teetering on fandom - please watch! Let's help Heroes stay on the air or
I don't know what will become of my Monday nights.

What do you guys think? Still a fan? Think the show sucks now? Think I'm a
delusional fangirl? Leave me some comment love, whatever it may be!


Bea said...

No Heroes on Mondays? WTF am I going to do!!??
Sorry couldn't make it last night...i totally messed up my neck and I really couldn't move around much :( I'm better now though. ;)I was totally there in spirit!
SYLAR continues to rock my world, as always.

Meli said...

Nadi? Is this you?
If so or if not so, feel better lol.

And Sylar...yums.

nadia said...

yeah, it's me...was helping with my sis's blog and forgot to log out! lol

Meli said...

LOL, I figured!!!!
But for a second I freaked wondering if a stranger was planning on attending my Heroes party hahaha.

I'm glad you are feeling better & yes, you guys were missed. No worries - there will be a next time: the end of Vol. 4 ;)

Anonymous said...

HEROES and LOST are my fave shows ... and this latest started out perfectly with 'Tracy' doing that 'Niki' thing like in season l ..sorta lol ..'Peter' getting into 'Mohinder's' cab ..Sylar looking for his dad/s....thinking that Heroes numbers will def. go up and hope tptb count DVR plus 7!