Monday Conundrum

Although this happened on Saturday, I figured it would make for a perfect Monday tale.
The hubs, myself and all our friends were very excited when Ticketmaster issued us an
alert that Girl Talk would be coming to Miami in April. So happy we were willing to drop
the cash back in October to secure our spot in the crowd.

Sidebar: If you are unfamiliar with Girl Talk, they were one of my favorite albums of '08 -
& can be found in this post.

While shopping on Saturday afternoon, we received a text from one of our friends that the
tickets we had bought for April were not for the artist, Girl Talk, but rather the gospel play.
That's right. Gospel Play. All of a sudden, things started to come together: the cheap ticket
price, the venue deep in the heart of Overtown, etc. We were dupped.

Thankfully, Girl Talk is still coming to Miami next month but with the Langerado festival.
This is good news for some, but not for me as I am only buying a one day ticket for Saturday
& Girl Talk will be playing on Sunday. Boo freaking hoo.

Worst part? I don't think we'll be able to get a refund as it was just confusion on our part &
not a postponed or cancelled event.

A part of me wants to attend the play in my best indie attire and stage a riot when the play
begins. But I think I'll just settle for making an angry fist of fury in Ticketmaster's general

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, that is majorly sucky. It makes me think Ticketmaster labeled things not so well... shady.