Murals with Love

I wanted to familiarize my local readers with my dear friend Nadia's glorious business, Murals with Love. She is a professional artist and art educator with over 10 years of experience. The girl knows her art and is beyond talented. After preparing her own beautiful daughter's nursery, she realized how much she really loved the art of murals.

She is now providing her services to other proud moms and dads that want something special for the new members of their family or just want to give their children's rooms a facelift! So mosey on over to her blog to check out her work, I promise you will not be disappointed!


Plate Lust

I never thought I would see the day when I would lust over plates.
Well, the day is here.

These adorable plates are made by Sarah Cihat, who finds unwanted plates at thrift stores and then redesigns them into some of the most kitschy, adorable creations I have seen in some time. Unfortunately, they run between $34 to $59 each which make my pockets very very sad. Oh well, I'll continue to lust from afar.

Racing Stripes

In order to get some blogging inspiration, I have added some great new blogs to my netvibes this morning and found some great material! Thanks to Copy Cat Chick, I now believe that I am slightly obsessed with having a zebra print rug.

What do you guys think?

Oh, and I come bearing fabulous news: we are back in our condo! It's hard to believe, but we are finally home! So despite all my house hunting anxiety, I have decided to continue our renovations. Afterall, our condo has to reflect our pretty outstanding personalities, don't you think? ;)


Big decisions

So being an adult is not an easy thing.
Making life altering decisions is not an easy thing.

I can't lie. I really really want to be a homeowner, but at the same time it scares the bejesus out of me. It's like a constant see-saw of emotions. Today I am see-sawing on the impulsive side. I found a good deal and I want to pounce on it. I also just discovered some truths about down payments and mortgages that may have been a no-brainer for the majority of the population, but was news to me.

My impulsive devil and my responsible angel are totally duking it out right now as we speak.

I'm hoping moving back into our condo tomorrow will get my mind off of it.
Or maybe it would be best to block realtor.com.


Finally: Spoon!

For more pics, click here.
Spoon was great!
The hubs did a great job of covering bases as far as a review, so I'll fore go but I was really impressed. There was a lot of energy and a lot of love in the room for the Texans. If they come back, I hope to be front and center again.

Security at Revolution is always a bit extreme and this night was no different. We had three event staffers in front of us alone, most of the time blocking our view or shining mini flashlights in our faces. There was one in particular that was very serious about his job - ridiculously serious. Any little flash in the crowd would set him off. Because of this, I kept my camera and video safe in my pockets until I mustered the courage half way through the show to pull my camera out and try my luck at shooting with no flash. It worked! Much like a T-Rex, if they couldn't see it - they would not attack. After several shots, I decided to push the envelope a bit and test out my Flip. I covered the red recording light with my finger so they wouldn't get suspicious and sure enough it worked again!

I made it through the whole show right up until everyone was clapping them off stage. That's when the overly eager event staffer noticed the bright red light shining through my fingers and looked at my screen to reveal the video I was shooting. "You can't record here."

I'm afraid too little too late, my friend!
Enjoy ;)

Untitled from Melissa Sanchez on Vimeo.

I need to move on.

Is it weird to be obsessed with a wedding dress after you've been married for 5 months?
OK, I know the answer to that question, but this little number has been taunting me every time I log into The Knot. Isn't it beautiful?

It's so vintage glam - totally up my alley. Too bad I won't need a formal gown again until my unborn children get married.



Due to my obsessive nature, I still don't have a concert review for you guys to read.
I refuse to post one until all photos and all videos have been successfully uploaded and are ready to be embedded. I know, I know. I have issues.

Just suffice it to say that the show was wonderful - Spoon was amazing.
One opening band, White Rabbits, were great.
One opening band, The Walkmen, were horrid.

For a better review than mine, go to my hubs' blog.
I promise to have something more content-heavy tonight!

Tomorrow: Ikea trip!!!!


Home sweet home

So the hubs and myself have been going through a pretty intense issue with our condo.

We had a huge leak coming in through our baseboards that smelled like toxic waste.

Guess what?

It was!

Apparently our plumbing (which is located under our kitchen) had gone bad, causing everyone's old food, poop, etc. to slip through the rotten pipes and into our unit. Fabulous. To add insult to injury, we were in the middle of remodeling. Thank goodness we hadn't laid down the wood laminate flooring yet!

The answer to all of this was that they would have to replace the plumbing. Let me remind you again that the plumbing is located under our kitchen. Our newly remodeled kitchen. Thank goodness we have some amazing guys that really know what they are doing and they were able to remove my cabinets without damaging them.

After two months of dealing with the leak, the smell, sewage flies covering our home, nasty building managers, aloof associations, inconsiderate plumbers, etc., I finally received a call yesterday that it was fixed. Words cannot express how happy I am!

We plan on being able to move back in by sometime next week (yes, we had to move out - the smell and flies were unbearable). I've already forgotten what it was like to live in our own little place, have all my clothes to choose from in the morning, have my beloved DVR, and even more beloved Guitar Hero III.

Lesson learned: Avoid all associations and condo slash apartment living in general. I know some do not mind it, but I am just not cut out for this crap. We are currently saving up to buy a house and that will most likely be a popular topic on my blog. Stay tuned!


Concert Season

So as I stated in my last post, I'm a big music fan.

A big music fan that is obsessed with concerts. I go to about one a month at least. This month, I am at two. I just saw Gavin Rossdale live two weeks ago in Orlando for free, which was ridiculously amazing considering I would have his babies if I wasn't already in line to have someone else's (love you honey). And tomorrow I will be seeing Spoon at Revolution with the hubs.

And that is just the beginning as it's almost summer concert season, which means Ticketmaster and I will be the closest of friends. We already have tickets for Radiohead in May and Pearl Jam in June, two bands I have never seen live and have always wanted to.

If you have never heard of Spoon, I definitely recommend downloading some of their songs. Their most recent album is called Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga - anything off of it is pretty much amazing, but my personal favorite is You Got Your Cherry Bomb. It's definitely car karaoke material.

Here's to hoping that I'll be able to sneak both my camera and Flip passed Revolution's strict security so I can post a proper concert review tomorrow. If not, there is always my trusty iphone.


I hate introductions.

Well hello, blogging universe.
You have yet another member.

I will have a prettier blog in the future, but for now this is it.
Nice to meet you, world. I am Melissa.

  • I am in my mid-20's. This is traumatizing.
  • I just recently married the love of my life.
  • I am occupationally confused at the moment.
  • Despite being confused, I am thisclose to having my Masters in Psychology.
  • I have an amazing dog. He is a Boston Terrier. He is my child. His name is Brad-Pitt.
  • I am slightly obsessed with the Internets.
  • I adore music. All kinds, but I am a rock and roll chick at heart.
  • I love photography. You will never see me without a camera in hand.
  • Traveling is a drug that I desperately need. Call it running away from your problems, but sometimes I just need to escape. And it feels good.
  • I'm impulsive, obsessive and passionate. And I like it.
  • I work hard so I can play harder.
  • I believe in retail therapy.
  • My DVR has made me a TV addict. My favorite show is LOST. Closely followed by countless other dramas, comedies and mindless reality show junk. It's an addiction.
  • I watch a lot of movies. All on Netflix. I hate going to the movies and only save it for special occasions. My next special occasion is IronMan.
  • Bottom line: I'm a nerd and you will probably love me for it.
Well, I guess that pretty much sums me up for the time being. As my subject line reads, I really hate doing these things, but find it even more strange to just jump into my daily life without an introduction. So there it is.
I have to say that this feels very strange. I have had a Livejournal for about 8 years now that has been under lock and key so now to have an open blog for everyone to read is kind of scary. So bear with me.

Also, I get very discouraged without reinforcement so please leave me comments.
I think we have been sufficiently acquainted.