Out with the old, in with the new.

2008 was a great year.
I'm actually really sad to see it go, but I have a
feeling that 2009 is going to be even better.


Well, I have a lot of things to look forward to:

- Beginning school again for my licensure. Scary, but exciting.

- A new blog being unveiled sometime early in the year.

- Some new home renovations.

- Comic-Con 2009 for my birthday!

- No Doubt tour after years & years of waiting!

Along with great things waiting on the horizon of '09,
I also have made some resolutions for the new year to
hopefully make it that much greater.

Resolutions for 2009:

- Lose those 10+ pesky pounds that
crept up on me during my
first year as a married lady.

- Believe in myself. I am capable.

- Stay more positive.

- Grow out my hair again (this may
seem silly, but it's truly a challenge
for me).

- Continue to grow closer to my little
partner in life: the hubs.

- Get serious & learn photography basics.

- Finally learn how to cook!

- Keep my creative juices flowing.

- Try to live in the moment & continue to
enjoy every minute of my amazing life.

- Be even more demonstrative with my family.
I love them & don't tell them quite as much.

- Continue to foster the ridiculously awesome
friendships I have made over the past couple
of years. I love you guys so much.

And with that, I hope all of you have a drunken
night filled with happiness and love, but please
be safe!

Goodbye 2008 & hello 2009!


Merry Christmas!!!!

The always adorable Plumzilla

Melificent wishes you a very Merry Christmas!!!!
I hope you all get to spend today with your closest
family & friends & enjoy both the giving & receiving!

The hubs & I are taking a last minute weekend trip to
Disney World so I'll see you all next week!

Much ♥!!


Year in Review: 2008

Where did this year go? Am I the only one that felt like it
was over in the blink of an eye? Does that mean I'm getting old?
Did life hit the fast forward button?

I have noticed that I've been using the phrase "When I was..." a
lot. Shit. I'm turning into an old bitty already. In an attempt
to hold on to my youth, here's my year in review:

Favorite movie:
The Dark Knight. I think it was done so well. Such an epic movie.
Although I think it runs about 30 minutes too long, you cannot
deny its awesome-ness.
I also give Cloverfield an honorable mention because I thought it
was innovative & clever especially with all its virals leading up
to the premiere (fake news casts, Myspace profiles, secret vlogs).

Favorite concert:
This is definitely a no-brainer. The Smashing Pumpkins at
Mizner Amphitheather in Boca Raton,FL
. After 8 years of waiting
not-so-patiently, I got to see my favorite band in the entire
world perform several inches in front of me. And as if that didn't
make me want to die happy, I then met Billy Corgan. Someone up
there in heaven must really love me.

Favorite guilty pleasure:
I'd definitely have to say the Twilight series.
It has made me lust after vampires and heighten my expectations
of males. Sorry, husband.

Favorite TV obsession:
It's a tie between Dexter and Heroes. Two shows that we marathoned
out in '08 and were completely spectacular. I really grew to love
the nights when we would pop DVD after DVD with such genuine excitement
and with plenty of beers in hand. I love all those characters like
family, it's kind of pathetic.

Favorite album:

Santogold - Self titled
Everyone seems to be angry at Santogold for going "mainstream," but
I'm glad she did because to me, she put out a fantastic album. Every
song puts a smile on my face and makes me want to crank up the volume
and listen with my windows down.

Kings of Leon - Only by the Night
I just adore this band. They are amazing both on record and live.
There's something very old school rock about them, they are down
and dirty and I love it. Another favorite of mine to crank on long
car drives. Every single song is good. My favorite kind of album.

Bloc Party - Intimacy
Although Bloc Party is not new to many, they were to me. This was the
first album of theirs I had ever listened to so maybe that's why I
found it to be so amazing. It makes me want to put my dancing shoes

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
Such a new, fresh sound and I adore it. It's nice to hear something
that you feel like you haven't heard before. A very psychedelic poppy
album that makes you want to give the world a big group hug.

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals
This album is amazing. I have the utmost respect for someone that can
mash up Kelly Clarkson and Nine Inch Nails and make people scream for
more. I can't tell you how excited I am to see him live in April.

Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely
Another fabulous album by the Raconteurs, who are proving to be one of
my favorite bands of all time. Excellent songwriting, singing, and
melodies. Another band that blew me away live.

Favorite blog:
Dlisted. No other blog makes me laugh harder or more often
than Dlisted. Whenever I have a crappy day, it makes it better. I
do not know the author's name or what they look like, but I definitely
want to have all his gay babies. I love you, Mr. Dlisted.

Favorite moment:
This is twofold as well. Both our anniversary cruise to the Southern
Caribbean and when I passed my thesis defense. Our cruise was amazing
and I felt it brought Augi and I closer together as a couple. Even though
I love my husband to death, sometimes life gets in the way and it's very
hard to keep the romance alive day in and day out. It's reasons like
these that make romantic getaways so important.
I also could not begin to explain the feeling of complete elation that I
felt when I finally passed and completed my master's thesis after several
painstakingly terrible years that really tested my self confidence & my
inner drive. It was over. It is over. Halle-freaking-lujah!


Heroes Recap Tuesday!

Why not?

So although I was expecting a more action-filled last episode of Volume 3,
I was satisfied. Although I really could have done without the Saw-like
Sylar action at Pinehearst, I was happy to have Creepy!Sylar back. And you
know that bitch isn't dead. He's got some sexy Swat-ing to do in Volume 4.
And, was that Sylar's first shape-shift in the present? I think so!

Finally Peter grew a pair, fought his dickhead brother and got his damn powers
back. Even though the hero worship continued on - "I love you. You're my brother."
GAG. Jesus, Peter, stop being so freaking emo. Don't make the producers
bring back Emo-haired!Peter. I couldn't handle that travesty again.

I hate you, Tracy. I hate you, Jessica. I hate you, Nikki. Basically, I hate
every character they create for you, Ali Larter. Sorry. You fail.

Moving right along to Mohinder. So are you half cured, half monster reptile now?
I'm over your lizard-ness. I vote for the return of Mylar. Anyone with me?

Finally, Hiro. My second favorite character. So glad they redeemed his powers as
well and that he's out of the damn past & future scenario's. I read some spoilers
stating that they would no longer be using the time traveling come Volume 4 and I'm
actually glad. They were using it way too much whenever they hit a dead end. Hiro,
you are my hero. YATTA!

I can't wait for Volume 4: Fugitives. Looks bad ass. And according to producers, they
are trying to live up to the always glorious Season 1. The little sneak peak looked pretty
awesome. Honestly, I was expecting President Palmer to appear under the shadows in the
limo with Nathan. Now that would be some hot shit!

Until Febuary....

ps: You can find the adorable Heroes puppets here!


Wait for it...

I'm no stranger to being compared to television characters that I
have never heard of. For about 2 years or so, I was told by friends,
coworkers and even complete strangers that I looked just like "the girl
from Just Shoot Me. Who? I had never even heard of the show.
Turns out they were referring to Laura San Giacomo. I don't really see
much of a similarity and I never watched one episode of Just Shoot Me
so I can't really say whether our personalities were similar at all.

Point being, I never really took any of these comparisons seriously.
Just recently, I began hearing once again from my friends that my husband
and I resembled a couple on a new TV show. I shrugged it off since I had
never heard of the show before, How I Met Your Mother. It wasn't
until a coworker brought over Season 1 of the show last year that I was
introduced to Lily and Marshall.

And it was scary.
Not only was the show hysterical and right up my alley comedy-wise, but
this couple played by Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan were the spitting
image of myself and Augi. We became hooked and have watched all seasons
and are currently caught up with the current one. Augi referred to it as
"watching his life unfold in front of him." Sometimes we just look at each
other in disbelief because the similarities are just uncanny. Our friends
swear that the writers of the show have a webcam hidden somewhere in our
home to get new material.


Marshall & Lily imagining their futures...separately.

Lily's loud chewing.

And I saved the best for last: Marshall's very Star Wars Thanksgiving.



Man Candy

Geez, I'm a sucker for tall goofy dudes.
I have such a thing for Zachary Quinto.

Volume 4 sneak peak courtesy of the awesome fankids at ODI,
my constant source of Heroes & LOST info.


Holiday Love

I can admit, I can be a grinch during the holidays.
They are not always my favorite and tend to make me
feel very anxious, but I do try my best to be as
loveable as possible. Afterall, it isn't that hard -
who doesn't love me? ;)

Joking aside, I thought this was a really cute meme
making its rounds on the Internets and figured it would
brighten my day a little to hear some nice things from
the people that read this blog. So here we go:

Here's the plan: People will comment ANONYMOUSLY with
things they love and cherish about you. I say anonymously because
it makes the atmosphere lighter and more mysterious, kind of like
a Secret Santa only with love and holiday cheer! People will wonder
who these caring people are and appreciate the fact that they exist.

Then find people you care about and have something nice to say to -
even if you don't know them! - and leave them something that will make
their heart feel a little warmer at night. This way, the love will go
around and around and the magical spirit of the season can be cherished
and appreciated by all.

Don't forget to pass the goodwill on to others and increase the flow of
positive, caring energy!

And GO!


All dogs go to heaven

Unfortunately, today is an extra morose Monday.
I'm sad to have to post that my father-in-law's
boxer of 10 years passed away this morning.

Last week the vet discovered cancer covering the
majority of her body. She was in a lot of pain &
had been heavily medicated since. I was lucky enough
to say my goodbye's last week and am now remembering
all the memories.

Dogs are such amazing creatures. All they want is to
love and expect absolutely nothing in return. Nala
was no different. She was an incredibly intelligent
and loving dog. She was spoiled, of course, but always
made you smile.

She was the third wheel of Augi & I's relationship.
Wherever we were, she wasn't too far behind. And I'll
never forget her.

I don't think anyone ever will.

Rest in peace, Nala girl. We all love you very much.


Twilight fuckery

Thanks to a lot of pressuring (from both media & friends), I picked up
a copy of Twilight right before we left on our cruise to see what
all the hype was about.

I became hooked.
Very hooked.

I loved every second of it and was suddenly extremely excited about the movie.
When we arrived back in Puerto Rico and disembarked from our ship, I (naturally)
checked my Twitter. It was enundated with negativity towards the movie and I was
pretty bummed. It couldn't be that bad, right?


Thankfully I was able to score a bootleg online because those were two hours &
would have been $10 of my life that I would never get back. Who the hell thought
this was a good interpretation of the book? Most importantly who did the casting??
When did Eric become gay and start using catch phrases like "homegirl?" Alice was
not petite and pixie-like as I had imagined her. Rosalind was far from
drop dead gorgeous and please please don't get me started on Edward.

I know many people will disagree with me since he is "so hawt, OMGZ," but no.
No no no no no no. No. He looks stoned all the time and just came across as a pompous
asshole. The Edward Cullen from my imagination was sexy, intelligent and loved Bella
more than life itself. They couldn't even get their immeasurable love right on the
screen. It was just awkward and over-acted. And that made me sad.

No no no no.

I can only hope that they can switch around directors/producers/cast as the
series continues because watching four amazing books get wrecked is going to be
way more painful than one.

What do you guys think?
Agree? Disagree?



Do you Twitter?
B/c I do! And if you don't, you probably should.

It's a great way to keep in touch with friends and
a lot more interactive than Facebook's status updates.
Plus, you can get them straight on your phone through
applications like twitterific.

I started to Twitter a long long time ago, but fell off
the wagon when no one I knew was participating. Now it
seems like everyone has a Twitter. Even Greg Grunberg who
plays Matt Parkman on Heroes, Dave Matthews and Batman.
Yes, Batman.

So get your booty on Twitter and don't forget to add me
(Mrszero) if you want to keep up with my dull & self-centered
life. ;)


A very nerdy birthday

So although my rockstar bash feels like only yesterday, here I am
planning next year's extravaganza. I promised myself that this year
would be my last "big party" until the momentous and traumatizing 3-0
and I don't quite think that I kept my promise very well.

Both the hubs and I have decided to take my birthday to the road next
year and attend Comic Con International in San Diego. It just so happens
to fall the week of my birthday so it's perfect! This is not the first
time we attend Con, we went 4 years ago in 2004 and we had such a blast.
Highlight definitely being the LOST panel where we were present for
a Q&A session with the cast and then watched the series opener months before
it aired.

For those of you who are not familiar with Comic Con, it is ultimately a
comic book convention that turned into so much more. It's now probably one
of the biggest pop culture events in the US housing all sorts of toys, art,
and games along with plenty of appearances from celebrities that feed into
the geek culture. Basically, it's like Disney World for nerds. And it is fun.
And we are going. And I'm so excited. Because, yes people, I am a nerd.

I've invited some of my closest friends that really enjoy the fandoms to
come with us and hopefully everyone will be able to make it! I also hope
to meet some pretty awesome celebs and pick up some fun art or toys!

Do you think Melificent can get some press passes?