Dharma Drama!

Tomorrow marks the 2-hour season finale of Lost and I couldn't be more excited. I'm also very proud of myself for not hunting for spoilers from the evil Dark UFO.
We'll be hosting a little shindig at our place for all our true blue Losties, which should be fun. I'm adding a little personal touch so I'll make sure to take pictures. We'll also have the ringlight up and ready for some fun portraits of our guests.

ps; I admit. I steal music. And I stole Gavin Rossdale's new solo album. I really wish I hadn't. It is horrible in every way horrible can be. I really feel for him. He's going to get *spanked* by the media. Oh well, I still puffy heart him and want to have his babies.


Back in Black!

I'm back!!!!
We had a great time in Virginia, even though I'm pretty sure we spent the majority of our trip traveling in some way either by car or plane. The wedding was absolutely spectacular and very romantic. Congratulations to Mel and Bill!

Ever since arriving back, I've been catching up on my online life (very tiring) of blogs, facebook and gmail. Upon beginning my music updates, I stumbled upon this little enticing tidbit on Blamo, my favorite Smashing Pumpkins fansite:

To celebrate the band's 20th anniversary, The Smashing Pumpkins will be playing select U.S. cities in August and September of 2008.

No dates or cities have been announced but expect the band to revisit a few specific places that were missed during the last U.S. tour...

Could Miami be one of these mystery tour dates? I certainly hope so. I am still getting over my pain when the festival the Pumpkins were headlining down here in Miami was postponed indefinitely and then canceled altogether. That was not a pretty day in the world of Meli.

I'm still patiently waiting for Corgan and crew to make their way down here again, but dammit Billy, you are pissing me off so lets get to it!


Happy Memorial Weekend!

There's nothing like a 3 day weekend!
Hope you all have an amazing time and please don't do anything I wouldn't. ;)

The hubs and I are flying into Washington, DC tomorrow morning with friends to attend a good friend's wedding in Virginia. Unfortunately, we are leaving on Sunday so we won't be able to do much sightseeing, but it should be a good time with close friends and beautiful scenery.

Congrats to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.!


Stamp of Approval

How cute is this???

I found this adorable custom stamp through one of my favorite blogs, appropriately named Cuteable. It can be ordered through Craftpudding's Etsy shop. It currently states that she is not taking any new orders, but I messaged her anyways. I must have this for our return labels!


::unintelligible noises::

Gavin's video for his new single, Love Remains the Same.
I kind of lost all motor skills about 5 seconds in.
Enjoy. And beware.

Musical Chests.

So after some heavy moving (all by myself, I must add!) this afternoon, I was able to find a good spot for our current chest.

*please disregard horrible blurred bed mess.

What do you guys think?
Unfortunately, I can't find my tape measure to properly size up whether or not the Hemnes chest fits in the front of the bedroom. I'm going to have to wait until the hubs gets home. I also cannot wait to get those venetian blinds in there - our current "blinds" are on their last legs.

Now I can start the hunt for some fun accessories for our chest!
Any recommendations?

Weekend Round Up

This weekend was a packed one!
We went to Dave & Buster's to celebrate Beau's birthday, who is one of our bestest friends.

Then we headed to Blue Martini to celebrate Lindsay & Melanie's college graduations, two girls who have become way more to the hubs and I than coworkers.

We are very lucky to have such amazing people in our lives that we can call our friends, so I want to send a very big hug their way. I hope we are all around for many more milestones. After all, who else would we make fun of? ;)


Where the magic happens

First off, Happy Friday!
I don't know about the rest of you, but this week has lingered way too long for my liking. I desperately needed the weekend! Hope you all have something amazing planned! Tomorrow we have our good friend's birthday party at Dave & Buster's, which I anticipate will be good times all around. It's also our 6 month-versary, which is nuts! Time really flies.

OK, now on to our bedroom. Where to begin.
We have made some vast improvements to our bedroom since we moved in, but it definitely needs more work.

We are adding a Master bath (yes, it took us this long), which should be fun to put together, but isn't really that much work. Or at least, I don't anticipate it to be. My concern is using the space in our bedroom. I really want to get a new piece and possibly place it where the current chest of drawers is. If so, should I place the chest next to the bench on the other side of the wall? Will that look too cluttered? Sorry in advance for the state of our room (please turn your eyes away from the scary HUSBAND HAMPER overflow) and the not so hot pictures - my SLR is both acting up and drained of battery so I had to use my little Elph.

I was thinking maybe something like IKEA's Hemnes chest with a large mirror hanging over head? That would give us a little more storage space, which we really really need. Poor husband, I have totally exiled him to the office closet.So what do you guys think?Yay or Nay?



So yesterday I managed to score these three pairs of designer shoes for $50. Please bow down to my amazing budget shopper ways. Unfortunately the first pair is a size and a half too big (how the hell did I not notice in the store???) so those will be returned, but the other two are fabulous! I picked up the two pairs of black heels from DSW's clearance rack and the adorable red ruffle flats from Loehmann's.

Nothing cures a cold like shoe shopping.

Tonight: brainstorming about bedroom decor renovations and a new & fabulous episode of LOST!


Retail Therapy Fix

So everybody knows that the economy is in the shitter.
No way around that one.

On that note, I thought I'd share a shopping website with all of you that you may or may not know about: Go Jane. Granted, there are pretty horrific things on that site, but you can find some pretty amazing pieces for a great price. My favorite are their funky shoes. Love! Plus, their shipping costs are not outrageous like other online shopping sites (*cough* I'm looking at you, Urban *cough*).

My newest obsession is the romper and shirt dresses. I do not own either but want to correct that in the near future.Striped Ruffle Yoke Dress from Alloy: $39.50

Linen-blend Romper from Old Navy: $20
Unfortunately, no longer available in my size.


Parties on Thursdays

They don't really make much sense to me, but that didn't stop me from attending, which is probably why I feel like death and my keyboard and work desk look more and more like soft, fluffy pillows as the minutes tick by. Must.make.it.through.

And just so you have a prettier mental image than me drooling on my desk, here is the cover for Gavin Rossdale's new solo album, Wanderlust.
Man, he's a hot bitch.
Sorry honey.


Wedding Album.

So we just got our wedding album from our fabulous wedding photographer, Stephan Maloman. I could not be happier. It is seriously the coolest thing ever and just flipping through the pages made me relive the whole day all over again, which made me smile and even tear up a little (shhh, don't tell anyone). We had such a great team of vendors at our wedding, things really could not have run any smoother and things couldn't have been more beautiful. We are a truly blessed couple: we actually had one of those fairytale weddings.

Next up: our wedding video! It should be done by the end of the month and was shot by Artistry Wedding Films. I cannot wait! If you want a little taste, you can view our wedding recap video on Artistry's site under "movies."

OK, this post totally made me want to relive November 17th, 2007 all over again!
[/sappy bride moment]


If you spoke to me on Friday, I was probably freaking out about my new haircut and how I looked like a boy and how short they cut it and how I wanted to stab my hairstylist with a sharp object preferably in the eye.

Well, some Dirt and a darker shade of hair dye later, I am one happy camper and my hairstylist's life has been spared. Sorry to all of those that were really keen on me being a redhead. Those days are over (at least for the time being).

What do you guys think?