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First off, Happy Friday!
I don't know about the rest of you, but this week has lingered way too long for my liking. I desperately needed the weekend! Hope you all have something amazing planned! Tomorrow we have our good friend's birthday party at Dave & Buster's, which I anticipate will be good times all around. It's also our 6 month-versary, which is nuts! Time really flies.

OK, now on to our bedroom. Where to begin.
We have made some vast improvements to our bedroom since we moved in, but it definitely needs more work.

We are adding a Master bath (yes, it took us this long), which should be fun to put together, but isn't really that much work. Or at least, I don't anticipate it to be. My concern is using the space in our bedroom. I really want to get a new piece and possibly place it where the current chest of drawers is. If so, should I place the chest next to the bench on the other side of the wall? Will that look too cluttered? Sorry in advance for the state of our room (please turn your eyes away from the scary HUSBAND HAMPER overflow) and the not so hot pictures - my SLR is both acting up and drained of battery so I had to use my little Elph.

I was thinking maybe something like IKEA's Hemnes chest with a large mirror hanging over head? That would give us a little more storage space, which we really really need. Poor husband, I have totally exiled him to the office closet.So what do you guys think?Yay or Nay?


luvyourlife said...

I say yay. It's gorgeous and you're right, it gives you that storage you need.

Nita said...

Okay, so...shame on me that I forgot about your blog...or, I didn't know it was active yet. I think LJ eats entries or something. So I shall be visiting here more often & I will add your blog to the list of my daily reads on my blog :)

As for your idea of the ikea dresser & mirror, I think that's a great idea! More storage is always a good thing & I think a mirror overhead, instead of an attached to the dresser sort of mirror is def. more modern & functional. Yay for decorating!