So yesterday I managed to score these three pairs of designer shoes for $50. Please bow down to my amazing budget shopper ways. Unfortunately the first pair is a size and a half too big (how the hell did I not notice in the store???) so those will be returned, but the other two are fabulous! I picked up the two pairs of black heels from DSW's clearance rack and the adorable red ruffle flats from Loehmann's.

Nothing cures a cold like shoe shopping.

Tonight: brainstorming about bedroom decor renovations and a new & fabulous episode of LOST!


angela said...

Hope you liked my mention of you to Dom. ;)

Mango Gal said...

Super cute shoes Mel!
Have fun with the bedroom renovation, DH and I are in the middle of that too!

Meli said...

I didn't like it, I LOVED it, Ang!!!

And Ms. Mango - I'll be posting about it soon ;)

Jackie said...

I love retail therapy... I'd say it is the best sort of therapy! And DSW is my favorite store. I always hit the clearance rack before sorting through the aisles. Great finds.