If you spoke to me on Friday, I was probably freaking out about my new haircut and how I looked like a boy and how short they cut it and how I wanted to stab my hairstylist with a sharp object preferably in the eye.

Well, some Dirt and a darker shade of hair dye later, I am one happy camper and my hairstylist's life has been spared. Sorry to all of those that were really keen on me being a redhead. Those days are over (at least for the time being).

What do you guys think?


angela said...

As I've already told your flickr, I think you look fantabulous!

And you know I was always partial to my cubana being a ginger but I still love the color.


Meli said...

I knew you would be sad about the ginger-less locks!!!!!


luvyourlife said...

I love it! I don't think you look like a boy AT ALL. You totally pull off the short hair!

nadia said...


Lou @ The Higher Nest said...

Tres adorable!

I'm looking to go short in a couple of months, too!

Meli said...

Thanks girls!