Dharma Drama!

Tomorrow marks the 2-hour season finale of Lost and I couldn't be more excited. I'm also very proud of myself for not hunting for spoilers from the evil Dark UFO.
We'll be hosting a little shindig at our place for all our true blue Losties, which should be fun. I'm adding a little personal touch so I'll make sure to take pictures. We'll also have the ringlight up and ready for some fun portraits of our guests.

ps; I admit. I steal music. And I stole Gavin Rossdale's new solo album. I really wish I hadn't. It is horrible in every way horrible can be. I really feel for him. He's going to get *spanked* by the media. Oh well, I still puffy heart him and want to have his babies.


Stefanie! said...

So cute with the viewing party ideas.

Seriously SO excited for Lost tomorrow night! Can't wait. <3

Ashley in Wonderland said...

Your blog just keeps getting cuter & cuter! Dying over the Dharma beer, holy moly! Way too cool.

Do you find it hard to watch Lost with a group of people? There's always so many details to focus on. You guys should've all dressed up as characters ;) Or maybe that's just my nerdy group & The Office!

Can't wait for pictures!

Meli said...

Ash, it's actually so much fun to see it with a group. We only invite die hard fans so we keep quiet during the show and then have a full blown discussion afterwards. We are such nerds!

I LOOOOOVE you idea for dressing up. Maybe for the Season 5 premiere! I loved your pictures of the Office. You guys did a great job!

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the blog. I have moments where I think it totally sucks and no one is reading so it's nice to see positive comments! :)


luvyourlife said...

Oh no! about Gavin's album. That sucks! I will probably end up stealing it too, just because I won't have the money to buy his, Jewel's, Jakob's albums all at the same time. I'm sad it's not great like it should be.

Meli said...

Megs - I keep listening to it b/c I really want to like it and hope it will "grow on me," but I just can't get into it. :(
I didn't know Jakob was doing a solo album - gotta get on that!