Retail Therapy Fix

So everybody knows that the economy is in the shitter.
No way around that one.

On that note, I thought I'd share a shopping website with all of you that you may or may not know about: Go Jane. Granted, there are pretty horrific things on that site, but you can find some pretty amazing pieces for a great price. My favorite are their funky shoes. Love! Plus, their shipping costs are not outrageous like other online shopping sites (*cough* I'm looking at you, Urban *cough*).

My newest obsession is the romper and shirt dresses. I do not own either but want to correct that in the near future.Striped Ruffle Yoke Dress from Alloy: $39.50

Linen-blend Romper from Old Navy: $20
Unfortunately, no longer available in my size.


angela said...

Re: economy being in the sh*tter.

Another reason why I LOVE THRIFTING. I know it's not for everyone (you need time & patience), but when I find that one piece (i.e. Diane von Furstenberg shirt) it makes it all worthwhile!

Love you!

Meli said...

I would thrift a lot more often if I lived in CA. Miami is such a shitty place to thrift. There are literally no thrift shops around and the ones that are totally defeat the purpose of thrifting b/c they are so expenso! :(