A better Monday

I decided to take a 4-day weekend to celebrate the days leading up to my birth and I do believe it was the best decision I have made in a looooong time. For once, I am having a great Monday. Unheard of.

My ROCKSTAR bash was a complete success!!! I had the most fabulous time. I can honestly say that it was one of the best birthdays I have had so far. Everyone dressed up, was in a good mood and rowdy. Just the way I like them. The jello injectors were a HIT as always. As was the photobooth. Unfortunately, I didn't get any alone time with the booth but plenty of people did! The hubs is currently editing them and hopefully I'll have some share with you soon. If you want to see pictures from the party, you can do so here.

Tomorrow I plan on hitting Sawgrass Mills (outlet mall) to do some damage with all my gift money. Very excited b/c my wardrobe needs a lift! Then I have a very small get-together at my Mom's (yes, this would make party #3) and unfortunately the next day I come back to the reality of work work work.

But before I go, I must leave you with two adorable finds from the always lovely Ballard Designs:

Alphabet Balls.
OK seriously, I'm in love.

Good Housekeeping print.
A baby & a Boston. You can't go wrong!
I need this!!!!!


Goodbye 26, Hello 27.

So today marks the beginning of my birthday weekend.
I was lucky enough to take both Monday and Tuesday off so now I have a glorious 4-day weekend. It doesn't get any better than that!

As you can see above, I've started party preparations as tomorrow is my rockstar themed birthday party. I'm so excited!!! The jello injectors are chilling in the fridge, my outfit is ready and I just have to put some finishing touches on a few things and pack my bags (you know it's going to be an overnighter lol).

And if that wasn't great enough, I'll be having another party on Sunday afternoon at my sister's house. I know. I'm an attention whore. ;)

So I hope you all have a great weekend and I will be sure to come back either Monday or Wednesday with pictures from all events!!!


Snip snip!

Yep, so after countless months making fun "of the masses" for mimicking Victoria Beckham's famous robot hair, I've decided to do the same.

And to make it even more embarrassing, I was inspired to do so not by Victoria but by the slightly (and by slightly I mean terribly) annoying Hayden Panettiere. I mean, have you seen this girl's music video? It's a world of no.

Regardless, I am hoping to have my hip new Hayden hair by next week. Yep, just in time for my birthday. ;)


Gwen vs. Brad-Pitt

Looks like the pups are finally starting to get along a week later.
They've started to play fight like this for the past couple of days on our bed.
I have to admit, it's pretty adorable!

Tickets: bought.

I had forgot to blog after my Pumpkins post that a new date was added in Boca, which is only a couple of hours away. We were super excited to not have to do a full fledged road trip! This morning the tickets went on sale at 10am. Please take note of the time I received this confirmation email from Ticketmaster.

I know I'm sick.
You have no idea how excited I am and more so that it is general admission. So you know what that means: I'll be parking my butt on that concrete outside the doors at 3pm to ensure that I am front and center.

I'm coming for YOU, Mr. Corgan!!!!!!
Countdown begins: t-minus 29 days.

ps; Also click HERE to watch the trailers for The WatchMen which besides looking pretty badass, uses an old (& fabulous) Pumpkins' song: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning (which was also used for another movie: Batman & Robin).

Shopping Sabbatical.

I need to just keep my spending-happy, fashion-loving butt out of the mall for awhile.
Or, at least until I get all those fun birthday gift cards next week! ;)

Knowing very well that I am currently on a budget with a lot of big events coming up, I decided to hit up the mall. Not once. But twice. Oh Meli....when will you learn?

However, I did manage to score this two adorable dresses at Forever 21:

Dress 1: $13.50
Dress 2: $19.50

I had to. You understand, right? ;)


Trash the Dress Teasers!

My fabulous photographer, Carmen, from Studio by Carmen just posted some amazing teasers from our Trash the Dress shoot on her blog.

I couldn't be happier and I can't wait to see the rest! It was a blast, we got wet, dirty and covered in sand. So much sand in fact, that we found piles and piles while cleaning a couple of weeks ago.

So for all the brides that read my blog (I know there are a lot of you!) that are thinking about possibly doing a trashing, I highly recommend it. I can honestly say that we didn't stop laughing the entire session. And the results speak for themselves!

I hope you all have a great weekend!
I'll be working on my thesis and shopping for my upcoming rockstar birthday bash! And, of course, taking care of the baby girl, Gwen.



Do you believe in the mighty SP?

I sure do!!!!
Looks like we'll be heading up to Clearwater, FL next month to rock out to Mr. Corgan and company!!! I am ridiculously excited. But at the same time I have to give up a trip to the Keys for one of my best friend's birthdays, which makes me super sad. I don't think I can do it, so hopefully we can work out a way to do both. Somehow.

C'mon Ticketmaster! Give me more information!

To give you an idea as to why I am so excited (besides the fact that the last time I saw the Pumpkins live was about 8 years ago), here is a quote from the Billy man himself:

"The August tour is going to be a blast," band mastermind Billy Corgan said on the band's site. "Expect a very loud and raucous show from us."

The Pumpkins, which formed in 1988, will target smaller shows during the initial two-week run kicking off Aug. 9 in Hammond, IL. Corgan says the band is focusing on "unique sets and songs."


You're so new.

I'd like everyone to meet, Gwen.
The newest addition to our family.
She is a 10 week old Boston Terrier and we couldn't be happier.

She is very sweet, very cuddly and very smelly. Hehe.
I had forgotten the trials and tribulations of crate training. It is not fun at all. I spent one hell of a sleepless night last night complete with monstrous migraine.

But you know what? One look at her little face and it is all worth it!

Big brother, Brad-Pitt, isn't taking it so well, but I know they will be the best of friends in no time.


Wanted: Fuzzies!

I am not a flower/plant person.
I prefer them to be fake. I just can't keep up with the upkeep.

However, I had a real orchid given to me as a gift from my mother for mother's day (hey, furbabies count!) and it just made that little corner of the house so happy. I can definitely understand why people buy new fresh flowers every week for their home, but for now, I'll stick to fake. ;)

With that said, a new trend that I keep seeing pop up in all my home catalogs and blogs is what I have termed: the fuzzy flowers. I really really like these fuzzies and have found it absolutely necessary to have them in my home. However, I cannot find them ANYWHERE. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction!

They manage to make any corner of your home that much more fun and bright and alive. Must.have.


A few of my favorite things

When I got home today from work, I checked my mailbox and found not one, but two glorious catalogs: CB2 and Chiasso.
I immediately grabbed the Sharpie and started circling to my little heart's content. While circling fervently, I decided I would share them all with you. You know, with my birthday coming up and all ;)


Fu Dog Bookends $49.95
Absolutely obsessing over these, but I know I can find them for cheaper on Ebay! My bedroom would be a perfect home for these two!

Comma Plates $1.95-6.95
I've loved these since day one. They are so ridiculously cheap and even come in bright fun colors, I have no idea why I've never bought them for entertaining!

Ada Hanging Vase $6.95
Although it doesn't look like much in this single photo, look at it in the room view and you will be blown away. As a threesome lined up together, they really make a statement. These would look fabulous over my bar!

Sal Salt and Pimienta Pepper Shakers $3.95 each
This is just absolutely adorable especially for a bilingual household.

FLOR Toy Poodle/Zebra Crossing Tiles $13.95/$14.95 each
I know what you're thinking: ridiculous.
And you are so right. And I so love it.

FLOR Stampede Tiles $14.95 each
These are just fabulous and would look wonderful in our living room under our ottomans. I freaking love animal print as an accent.
Update: I totally bought these with a gift card I discovered tonight in my closet!!! SCORE!


Turn Vase $148
Sorry, but this thing is so freaking cool. Definitely check out the room view.

Hi There! Doormat $38

We are currently doormat-less and this would fit so perfectly. It's really hard to find a cute, kitchsy doormat. They are always so bland.

Halo Sculpture $18

How great is this for a pop of color in a neutral room. I'm thinking this would look great in our bedroom since we need some colors to pump up the volume in there! Plus yellow is my new favorite accent color. I hope pink and green don't get jealous.

Mod Pod $38 each

I'm totally loving the feel of these. They would look hot with some hanging orchids like pictured. I'm not too into the fishies though.


3 day weekend aftermath

They are never pretty.
Today was no different. I had absolutely no desire to work, but I had to and it was no fun.
Boo to that.

My 4th was lovely though. We got to spend time with family and friends as well as enjoy the beach. I also got to rock my new bikini's, which always puts a smile on my face (I am bathing suit obsessed). Next up on our calendar of events is my nephew's 2nd birthday. I cannot believe he's already going to be two years old. I remember the day my sister first announced she was pregnant! It's amazing how time flies.

And that brings me to my 27th (!!!) birthday. It really crept up on me - only 3 more weeks! I hit up Party City last week and stocked up on party supplies. I still need a few more things but the essentials have been bought. I also just got my jello injectors in the mail, which officially means we are ready for a party. I also have to continue working on my rockstar playlist - I really want to make sure everyone doesn't get off the dancefloor all night!!!

I foresee a very busy July for me!


Happy July!!!!

Welcome to July!!
If you are wondering why I'm so excited, the answer is that July is my birth month and well, I'm an attention whore that believes my birthday begins on the first of July so happy happy happy to me!
Our Trash the Dress shoot was super fun. And dirty, wet and crazy. We had the entire beach staring at us like we had gone insane. It was fabulous. Once I get the pictures back from Carmen, I'll make sure to post them!
Note to self: if wearing a white dress that will get wet, do not wear colored undies. Opps.
Speaking of the beach, I cannot wait for this 4th of July long weekend. We'll be spending it at Key Biscayne with our friends and my sister so it should be good times. I really hope the weather holds up because I would like to get some sort of color on my skin. Playing Casper isn't really working out for me. I was able to score the cutest mix & match bikinis at Old Navy yesterday - they were only $8.25 each, so if you are looking to stock up, I would do so now!