A better Monday

I decided to take a 4-day weekend to celebrate the days leading up to my birth and I do believe it was the best decision I have made in a looooong time. For once, I am having a great Monday. Unheard of.

My ROCKSTAR bash was a complete success!!! I had the most fabulous time. I can honestly say that it was one of the best birthdays I have had so far. Everyone dressed up, was in a good mood and rowdy. Just the way I like them. The jello injectors were a HIT as always. As was the photobooth. Unfortunately, I didn't get any alone time with the booth but plenty of people did! The hubs is currently editing them and hopefully I'll have some share with you soon. If you want to see pictures from the party, you can do so here.

Tomorrow I plan on hitting Sawgrass Mills (outlet mall) to do some damage with all my gift money. Very excited b/c my wardrobe needs a lift! Then I have a very small get-together at my Mom's (yes, this would make party #3) and unfortunately the next day I come back to the reality of work work work.

But before I go, I must leave you with two adorable finds from the always lovely Ballard Designs:

Alphabet Balls.
OK seriously, I'm in love.

Good Housekeeping print.
A baby & a Boston. You can't go wrong!
I need this!!!!!

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