Should be cleaning

I am officially 27 and I officially have a bad ass haircut to go along with it.
My hair was snipped to oblivion on Wednesday night at Peter of London. The fabulous Dee was my hair stylist. Yes, that Dee. From Bravo's Shear Genius. And that she is! She's a super cool chick that really knows what she is doing. Of course, I kind of went pop culture crazy on her, but tried to keep it to a minimum. ;)

This weekend is going to be pretty laid back for the Sanchez clan.
Having a few friends over Saturday night for one of our infamous "game nights," which should be fun as always.

So I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
I'm off to go clean the pad while listening to some hot tunes!


JennyLo said...

Mel I love it!!! It looks great! Happy Belated Birthday!

karenb said...

HI Meli..it's karen..(futureB)..wow.you look beautiful! it fits you perfect! did you do something to the color?

Dawn said...

You look great! As a Shear Genius junkie I'm dying to know more about your experience. What was Dee like? Did she tell you anything about the show? Did she offer to give you her big chunky streak of a highlight, her signature?

Mango Gal said...

I absolutely love it!!! It looks great!

Yvette said...

You look great! I want to see the back.

I told you she is great!! I get stopped all the time by people. I've become an attention whore thanks to Dee.

Meli said...

Thanks girls!!!
It passed the true test: I was able to style it identically when I washed and styled it myself! Woohoo!

karen - nope, the color is the same, half my natural shade and half dyed dark brown. I need a dye job in the worst way.

yvette - you rock for recommending me!!! I don't have the knot at work anymore so I haven't been able to page you. Thank you so much. The back is not as drastic as yours b/c my hair was too short. It's going to have to grow into your haircut.

dawn - I thought Dee was great, very sweet and very professional. She definitley knew her stuff. I haven't gotten such a great haircut in awhile. No, she can't give many details of the show b/c they are sworn to secrecy until it's over. And no, no chunky highlights were offered LOL.