Did someone say Lobster?

So after what felt like the most hellacious week, I can finally say hello to a fabulous weekend ahead of me. One of my best friends in the world, Elissa, is celebrating her birthday in Key West for Lobsterfest. Although I've never been, I hear it is just tent after tent on Duvall full of delicious lobster-esqe meals. Yummy in my tummy!!!

Besides the lobster, I absolutely love Key West. I love the laid back vibe, the ability to walk the streets with rum runner in hand and being able to spend 24/7 in shorts and flip flops. Yes, please!

And if all of those reasons weren't great enough, I also get to spend a weekend with some of the most amazing people in my life (awwww).

So I wish you all an amazing weekend and I will hopefully be back on Monday with some photos and stories to share!


Ms. Burpsalot said...

Lobster-fest?! I'm so jealous. Have fun Meli!

karenb said...

aw..im going to make it a point to go next year! I totally forgot this year..hope you had fun!