Day 1.

I haven't had to worry about my weight for the past 25 years.
Then 26 hit. That was a pretty ugly slap in the face from Mr. Reality.

I am now 27 and decided it is time to start taking care of my body. Now, I know that I am not overweight or anywhere near it. Even the Wii fit deemed me "normal." However, I don't want my weight to start spiraling out of control when I hit 30 and my body changes yet again. So thankfully, my high school friend, Angelique Millis, came to the rescue. In exchange for a photoshoot with my hubs, she offered me her fitness program, the Bikini Model Program.

This program focuses on building sleek and feminine muscle tone without having to spend countless hours slaving at the gym. This spoke to me because I really hate going to the gym, not because I don't like working out (I actually really do), but because I hate all the hoodlums gawking and the little teeny bopper girls pretending to use equipment when they are just sitting at a machine texting their friends. It is a huge turn off. However, with this program you can start looking like a regular Alessandra Ambrosio in the comfort of your own home. I highly advise you check out the website and consider purchasing their ebook, which is what I have been referencing.

Today was my official first day and I can't wait to start seeing the results. I hope to stay focused and determined and figure that making this blog post would probably help. I can't let all of you down! ;)


karenb said...

Hi Meli...wow..that's great! Good luck..and please let me know how it goes..i also dont' like the "GYM CROWD"..i go there to WORKOUT and leave..lol.
Does the book tell you what to eat...work out..etc? any specific equipment?
btw..I think you look great..but I can understand your concerns...

Mango Gal said...

Wishing you the best! Keep us up to date on how it goes!

Meli said...

Karen - definitely keep you guys updated with my progress. Yep, the book tells you exactly what body part to exercise what day along with illustrations of each exercise. Then it has a diet chapter with recipes and all! I'm not keeping extremely strict on the diet so I am just cutting out carbs after 4pm and eating 5 times a day.

Ms. Mango - I'll be filling all of you in, no worries!

JennyLo said...

Meli that is great for you! Let us know how it goes. I have been dieting and working out like crazy for the big day. I love trying new things!

Anika said...

Sounds interesting, Meli! Like the other girls said, let us know how it goes. I'm always interested in something like that if it really works. :)