So yesterday I posted about attempting to post my very first muxtape and failing miserably. Today I think I'll be a little more successful after a quick tutorial from the hubs! If you do not know what muxtape is, check out this superb little blog about it.

I hope to make this a weekly ritual so I can share my musical interests with you guys. I always enjoy hearing mixtapes and discovering new music, so I figured you all would as well! My first mix is Pumpkins-centric (my, what a surprise!). It's a little live compilation for all those going to see them in two weeks or for those that have never seen them live or even for those that have never heard of them (gasp!).

They definitely are in my top 10 concert experiences, not only because they are my favorite band, but also because they just put on such a great show. They never do it "half-assed." They always put their all into their performances and you really can't beat that.

So I hope you enjoy my first muxtape. It will be the first of many to come!


Ashley McFarland said...

Hello! Thanks for the mention--I dig your muxtape!
The only kick in the shin with muxtape is that you can only upload mp3 files, and if you use iTunes as your primary music library like I do, it converts your music into another filetype. My muxtape is moving along slowly, since I'm going to need to transfer my music into the right filetype. Bah!

Meli said...

Hi Ashley! No problem :)
I had the same issue - it took me forever to convert all my songs to mp3's in order to upload it to muxtape! Hopefully they can improve upon that...

Glad you liked my mix :)