One of those Monday's.

I hate Monday's.
I think that is pretty clear if you are my friend on Facebook. As my cousin put it one night, my Facebook status updates are just a countdown until the weekend. And that's pretty much the way I view my work week: What day is it today and how many are left until Friday?

This Monday proved to be extra special.
As I was walking out of my condo this morning, I see the maintenance dude hosing down our hallway blocking me from getting to my car in the parking lot. I make a facial expression that I thought was pretty explanatory that I needed him to move out of the way or at least move the hose out of the way. Yep, I guess not. So he kept hosing and I kept moving. I tried to be slick and turn before he splashed me to take an alternate route when all of a sudden I was sprawled on the floor. Fantabulous. The best part? This good sir didn't even ask me if I was OK or if I needed help. HE JUST KEPT HOSING. Meanwhile, a good portion of my left leg is scraped and bleeding. That is not the way I'd like to start my Monday.

Then I walk into my office (after putting our first aid kit to good use) to listen to my voicemails. And it was one of those voicemails. The ones that make you smack your head against the desk repeatedly.

So because of that, I was going to make my day a lot better by posting my first ever muxtape, but I couldn't figure that bitch out. Growl. I'll wait for the hubs to get home so I can post one tomorrow! Hopefully I can make a weekly ritual out of it.

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angela said...

I hope your appearance in our dinner party pics helped to cheer you up!