Happy July!!!!

Welcome to July!!
If you are wondering why I'm so excited, the answer is that July is my birth month and well, I'm an attention whore that believes my birthday begins on the first of July so happy happy happy to me!
Our Trash the Dress shoot was super fun. And dirty, wet and crazy. We had the entire beach staring at us like we had gone insane. It was fabulous. Once I get the pictures back from Carmen, I'll make sure to post them!
Note to self: if wearing a white dress that will get wet, do not wear colored undies. Opps.
Speaking of the beach, I cannot wait for this 4th of July long weekend. We'll be spending it at Key Biscayne with our friends and my sister so it should be good times. I really hope the weather holds up because I would like to get some sort of color on my skin. Playing Casper isn't really working out for me. I was able to score the cutest mix & match bikinis at Old Navy yesterday - they were only $8.25 each, so if you are looking to stock up, I would do so now!


angela said...

Picture = Priceless/precious!

♥ you!

Mango Gal said...

I love the hair Mel! You were always ahead of your time!

luvyourlife said...

Happy birthday month Melificent! And your nephew totally looks like you, btw.