Wanted: Fuzzies!

I am not a flower/plant person.
I prefer them to be fake. I just can't keep up with the upkeep.

However, I had a real orchid given to me as a gift from my mother for mother's day (hey, furbabies count!) and it just made that little corner of the house so happy. I can definitely understand why people buy new fresh flowers every week for their home, but for now, I'll stick to fake. ;)

With that said, a new trend that I keep seeing pop up in all my home catalogs and blogs is what I have termed: the fuzzy flowers. I really really like these fuzzies and have found it absolutely necessary to have them in my home. However, I cannot find them ANYWHERE. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction!

They manage to make any corner of your home that much more fun and bright and alive. Must.have.


dots said...
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Stefanie said...

I LOVE those. They're called "allium blooms" ... so you may want to search "artificial allium blooms" or something similar.

Hope that helps! :)

karenb said...

Hi..i LOVE THEM too..and want some..lol..you read my mind. If you find out where..let me know...i will let you know if i see them. i want them in green! but love all colors...
mabye pier 1? Pottery barn?

Meli said...

Thanks Stefanie!! I tried google searching but came up with nothing :(

However, I found these at Crate & Barrel:

angela said...

I LOVE fake flowers as well! Don't know if you've seen my room lately but it is full of them.

Point me in any other direction you find as well!

Meli said...

Nothing yet, Angs.
But Augz did tell me he think he saw some at Whole Foods last night!