Musical Chests.

So after some heavy moving (all by myself, I must add!) this afternoon, I was able to find a good spot for our current chest.

*please disregard horrible blurred bed mess.

What do you guys think?
Unfortunately, I can't find my tape measure to properly size up whether or not the Hemnes chest fits in the front of the bedroom. I'm going to have to wait until the hubs gets home. I also cannot wait to get those venetian blinds in there - our current "blinds" are on their last legs.

Now I can start the hunt for some fun accessories for our chest!
Any recommendations?


Nita said...

Oooh...me likey!

Maybe choose an accent color & get several vases [some glass, some ceramic] in different shapes & sizes, all in the same color...maybe green? & kind of bunch them on one side of the chest, leaving the other side open for a picture frame or something else?

Fabulous FĂȘtes said...

i see a sexy picture of you on the nightstand! lol woooo i have hawt friends!

Meli said...

I actually got some fun white bamboo vases for the chest and they came in yesterday. I had fun arranging them and then Augi came home. And broke them. OK, only one. But there were only two. So now I am left with one lonely bamboo vase. Grr.

And yes Justine, that would be me pin-up-ed! ;)