Back in Black!

I'm back!!!!
We had a great time in Virginia, even though I'm pretty sure we spent the majority of our trip traveling in some way either by car or plane. The wedding was absolutely spectacular and very romantic. Congratulations to Mel and Bill!

Ever since arriving back, I've been catching up on my online life (very tiring) of blogs, facebook and gmail. Upon beginning my music updates, I stumbled upon this little enticing tidbit on Blamo, my favorite Smashing Pumpkins fansite:

To celebrate the band's 20th anniversary, The Smashing Pumpkins will be playing select U.S. cities in August and September of 2008.

No dates or cities have been announced but expect the band to revisit a few specific places that were missed during the last U.S. tour...

Could Miami be one of these mystery tour dates? I certainly hope so. I am still getting over my pain when the festival the Pumpkins were headlining down here in Miami was postponed indefinitely and then canceled altogether. That was not a pretty day in the world of Meli.

I'm still patiently waiting for Corgan and crew to make their way down here again, but dammit Billy, you are pissing me off so lets get to it!

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