Heroes Recap Tuesday!

Why not?

So although I was expecting a more action-filled last episode of Volume 3,
I was satisfied. Although I really could have done without the Saw-like
Sylar action at Pinehearst, I was happy to have Creepy!Sylar back. And you
know that bitch isn't dead. He's got some sexy Swat-ing to do in Volume 4.
And, was that Sylar's first shape-shift in the present? I think so!

Finally Peter grew a pair, fought his dickhead brother and got his damn powers
back. Even though the hero worship continued on - "I love you. You're my brother."
GAG. Jesus, Peter, stop being so freaking emo. Don't make the producers
bring back Emo-haired!Peter. I couldn't handle that travesty again.

I hate you, Tracy. I hate you, Jessica. I hate you, Nikki. Basically, I hate
every character they create for you, Ali Larter. Sorry. You fail.

Moving right along to Mohinder. So are you half cured, half monster reptile now?
I'm over your lizard-ness. I vote for the return of Mylar. Anyone with me?

Finally, Hiro. My second favorite character. So glad they redeemed his powers as
well and that he's out of the damn past & future scenario's. I read some spoilers
stating that they would no longer be using the time traveling come Volume 4 and I'm
actually glad. They were using it way too much whenever they hit a dead end. Hiro,
you are my hero. YATTA!

I can't wait for Volume 4: Fugitives. Looks bad ass. And according to producers, they
are trying to live up to the always glorious Season 1. The little sneak peak looked pretty
awesome. Honestly, I was expecting President Palmer to appear under the shadows in the
limo with Nathan. Now that would be some hot shit!

Until Febuary....

ps: You can find the adorable Heroes puppets here!


nadia said...

OK, I'm glad I wasn't the only one! Mando said "Great, I'm glad we're borrowing from 'Saw' now" (in his usual dry humor)...

I have to say my least fav hero is Peter...i mean, really. Everything is this sentimental $h!t I can't handle anymore. I like badass Peter better (with the scar).

Evil Sylar is back! Hooray hooray...his little Men in Black stint with the Company and emotional soul searching was making his character stupid. He's honestly the only one who knows who he really is in this stupid show! and btw, WTF is that about finding a prez who has a voice and presence of our prz-elect? Coincidence? I think not.

Hey, but what about Ando getting that amplification power? Pretty badass.

They need to bring back Nicki's son back...he was great...

Sylar for Prez '12

Meli said...

I agree with you on all points...
Except I must admit although Company!Sylar was annoying and stupid, it was really great to see him in a suit. Delicious!