A very nerdy birthday

So although my rockstar bash feels like only yesterday, here I am
planning next year's extravaganza. I promised myself that this year
would be my last "big party" until the momentous and traumatizing 3-0
and I don't quite think that I kept my promise very well.

Both the hubs and I have decided to take my birthday to the road next
year and attend Comic Con International in San Diego. It just so happens
to fall the week of my birthday so it's perfect! This is not the first
time we attend Con, we went 4 years ago in 2004 and we had such a blast.
Highlight definitely being the LOST panel where we were present for
a Q&A session with the cast and then watched the series opener months before
it aired.

For those of you who are not familiar with Comic Con, it is ultimately a
comic book convention that turned into so much more. It's now probably one
of the biggest pop culture events in the US housing all sorts of toys, art,
and games along with plenty of appearances from celebrities that feed into
the geek culture. Basically, it's like Disney World for nerds. And it is fun.
And we are going. And I'm so excited. Because, yes people, I am a nerd.

I've invited some of my closest friends that really enjoy the fandoms to
come with us and hopefully everyone will be able to make it! I also hope
to meet some pretty awesome celebs and pick up some fun art or toys!

Do you think Melificent can get some press passes?


angela said...

I heart nerds. <3

karenb said...

my husband = nerd...(adorable one)

he's been wanting to go ...i'll go with him..especially to see the LOST part...

rozzylinda said...

actually i think i can get press passes. my co-workers are going so im not sure it wouldnt be a problem to get a few extra more. lemme work on it. anything it takes to get you on my side of the country. :)

rozzylinda said...

i meant IM SURE it woulnt be a problem!

Meli said...

OK, Roz - you totally made my night. No lie! I would be the happiest person ever if you could get Augz and I passes!!!

And I hope that also means that I'd get to see you <3333

nadia said...

OH, how I wish ;)

ZQ will have survive w/o seeing me

*lone tear*

Meli said...

ZQ is my number one target - no worries, Nadi! I will pull through!!!!

Especially with press passes in hand - he cannot evade me! Bwahahahahah.