All dogs go to heaven

Unfortunately, today is an extra morose Monday.
I'm sad to have to post that my father-in-law's
boxer of 10 years passed away this morning.

Last week the vet discovered cancer covering the
majority of her body. She was in a lot of pain &
had been heavily medicated since. I was lucky enough
to say my goodbye's last week and am now remembering
all the memories.

Dogs are such amazing creatures. All they want is to
love and expect absolutely nothing in return. Nala
was no different. She was an incredibly intelligent
and loving dog. She was spoiled, of course, but always
made you smile.

She was the third wheel of Augi & I's relationship.
Wherever we were, she wasn't too far behind. And I'll
never forget her.

I don't think anyone ever will.

Rest in peace, Nala girl. We all love you very much.


nadia said...

awww :( poor Nala! I'm so sorry :(

Mango Gal said...

I'm so sorry about Nala :-(