Wait for it...

I'm no stranger to being compared to television characters that I
have never heard of. For about 2 years or so, I was told by friends,
coworkers and even complete strangers that I looked just like "the girl
from Just Shoot Me. Who? I had never even heard of the show.
Turns out they were referring to Laura San Giacomo. I don't really see
much of a similarity and I never watched one episode of Just Shoot Me
so I can't really say whether our personalities were similar at all.

Point being, I never really took any of these comparisons seriously.
Just recently, I began hearing once again from my friends that my husband
and I resembled a couple on a new TV show. I shrugged it off since I had
never heard of the show before, How I Met Your Mother. It wasn't
until a coworker brought over Season 1 of the show last year that I was
introduced to Lily and Marshall.

And it was scary.
Not only was the show hysterical and right up my alley comedy-wise, but
this couple played by Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan were the spitting
image of myself and Augi. We became hooked and have watched all seasons
and are currently caught up with the current one. Augi referred to it as
"watching his life unfold in front of him." Sometimes we just look at each
other in disbelief because the similarities are just uncanny. Our friends
swear that the writers of the show have a webcam hidden somewhere in our
home to get new material.


Marshall & Lily imagining their futures...separately.

Lily's loud chewing.

And I saved the best for last: Marshall's very Star Wars Thanksgiving.



agustin said...

There are so many more examples (like when he sings songs about everyone at a party, you being scared of having children, and yes the light saber obsession along with sensitivity about weight comments) but my favorite is still the chewing.

People: i turn up the volume on the TV when she's eating cereal. It's the most distracting thing in the entire world.

Meli said...

There are so many more examples, but youtube failed me miserably!

And I hate you re: chewing. I can't help it!