Home sweet home

So the hubs and myself have been going through a pretty intense issue with our condo.

We had a huge leak coming in through our baseboards that smelled like toxic waste.

Guess what?

It was!

Apparently our plumbing (which is located under our kitchen) had gone bad, causing everyone's old food, poop, etc. to slip through the rotten pipes and into our unit. Fabulous. To add insult to injury, we were in the middle of remodeling. Thank goodness we hadn't laid down the wood laminate flooring yet!

The answer to all of this was that they would have to replace the plumbing. Let me remind you again that the plumbing is located under our kitchen. Our newly remodeled kitchen. Thank goodness we have some amazing guys that really know what they are doing and they were able to remove my cabinets without damaging them.

After two months of dealing with the leak, the smell, sewage flies covering our home, nasty building managers, aloof associations, inconsiderate plumbers, etc., I finally received a call yesterday that it was fixed. Words cannot express how happy I am!

We plan on being able to move back in by sometime next week (yes, we had to move out - the smell and flies were unbearable). I've already forgotten what it was like to live in our own little place, have all my clothes to choose from in the morning, have my beloved DVR, and even more beloved Guitar Hero III.

Lesson learned: Avoid all associations and condo slash apartment living in general. I know some do not mind it, but I am just not cut out for this crap. We are currently saving up to buy a house and that will most likely be a popular topic on my blog. Stay tuned!


Anika said...

aw that's so exciting Meli! I'm glad you're going to be getting back in there - sorry the condo association was such a pain.

Indira said...

omg that's quiet a story! I'm glad you guys can move in soon. And yes, amen to Guitar Hero!!!

Ashley said...

Oh man, you poor thing! That has to be one of the worst possible leaks, etc to have. Ugh! I feel your pain about apartments/condos. Now that we're in our house, it's almost painful to go back to apartment to pick up the stuff we're still moving.

Meli said...

We are definitely counting the minutes, seconds, milliseconds, until we can move back in. Things are looking good for next week!

Ash - congrats on the house! Have you posted pictures on the LJ? If you have, let me know! Color me jealous - I am freaking dying for a house already!!!!!