Big decisions

So being an adult is not an easy thing.
Making life altering decisions is not an easy thing.

I can't lie. I really really want to be a homeowner, but at the same time it scares the bejesus out of me. It's like a constant see-saw of emotions. Today I am see-sawing on the impulsive side. I found a good deal and I want to pounce on it. I also just discovered some truths about down payments and mortgages that may have been a no-brainer for the majority of the population, but was news to me.

My impulsive devil and my responsible angel are totally duking it out right now as we speak.

I'm hoping moving back into our condo tomorrow will get my mind off of it.
Or maybe it would be best to block realtor.com.


megs said...

You're not alone!

At least your own place, even if it is a headache right now.


Roxy said...

well I'll tell you this much, it is a good time to buy. We bought last year right before prices started dropping and we wish we wouldve waited. But at the same if we wouldve waited we wouldnt have been able to remodel it and make it our own because we wouldnt have had the time or money. We basically have had a whole year to remodel and spreading that out into a year has helped us not have such a big debt.

Dont know if the prices are going to keep dropping but its definitly a buyers market.

we would love to buy right now but to sell our house would be a nightmare.