Finally: Spoon!

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Spoon was great!
The hubs did a great job of covering bases as far as a review, so I'll fore go but I was really impressed. There was a lot of energy and a lot of love in the room for the Texans. If they come back, I hope to be front and center again.

Security at Revolution is always a bit extreme and this night was no different. We had three event staffers in front of us alone, most of the time blocking our view or shining mini flashlights in our faces. There was one in particular that was very serious about his job - ridiculously serious. Any little flash in the crowd would set him off. Because of this, I kept my camera and video safe in my pockets until I mustered the courage half way through the show to pull my camera out and try my luck at shooting with no flash. It worked! Much like a T-Rex, if they couldn't see it - they would not attack. After several shots, I decided to push the envelope a bit and test out my Flip. I covered the red recording light with my finger so they wouldn't get suspicious and sure enough it worked again!

I made it through the whole show right up until everyone was clapping them off stage. That's when the overly eager event staffer noticed the bright red light shining through my fingers and looked at my screen to reveal the video I was shooting. "You can't record here."

I'm afraid too little too late, my friend!
Enjoy ;)

Untitled from Melissa Sanchez on Vimeo.

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