I hate introductions.

Well hello, blogging universe.
You have yet another member.

I will have a prettier blog in the future, but for now this is it.
Nice to meet you, world. I am Melissa.

  • I am in my mid-20's. This is traumatizing.
  • I just recently married the love of my life.
  • I am occupationally confused at the moment.
  • Despite being confused, I am thisclose to having my Masters in Psychology.
  • I have an amazing dog. He is a Boston Terrier. He is my child. His name is Brad-Pitt.
  • I am slightly obsessed with the Internets.
  • I adore music. All kinds, but I am a rock and roll chick at heart.
  • I love photography. You will never see me without a camera in hand.
  • Traveling is a drug that I desperately need. Call it running away from your problems, but sometimes I just need to escape. And it feels good.
  • I'm impulsive, obsessive and passionate. And I like it.
  • I work hard so I can play harder.
  • I believe in retail therapy.
  • My DVR has made me a TV addict. My favorite show is LOST. Closely followed by countless other dramas, comedies and mindless reality show junk. It's an addiction.
  • I watch a lot of movies. All on Netflix. I hate going to the movies and only save it for special occasions. My next special occasion is IronMan.
  • Bottom line: I'm a nerd and you will probably love me for it.
Well, I guess that pretty much sums me up for the time being. As my subject line reads, I really hate doing these things, but find it even more strange to just jump into my daily life without an introduction. So there it is.
I have to say that this feels very strange. I have had a Livejournal for about 8 years now that has been under lock and key so now to have an open blog for everyone to read is kind of scary. So bear with me.

Also, I get very discouraged without reinforcement so please leave me comments.
I think we have been sufficiently acquainted.


Roxy said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on you new blog Meli! It sure seems like it will get more interesting.

Knottie titabm21 :)

roxy said...

hey! i am bookmarking you. i am trying to do the same thing.
open blog world ah!!
also...weird that there are 2 roxys on this post. hahaha

Carmen said...

Super cute Meli!

Meli said...

Thanks girls!!!

Monica said...

I <3 it my friend...you KNOW this is going on my favorites and I am now your official stalker...MUAHS

Indira said...

Yay for your new blog!!! You're hilarious ;)

Jan said...

bienvenue! :)

albertandclaudia said...

can't wait to follow the blog! hugs!

megs said...

Exciting! I might start one up for poops & giggles. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Hi there! Just came across your blog today! Looks like fun reading :) Hope you are enjoying your cruise!! I'm sure you are!