Racing Stripes

In order to get some blogging inspiration, I have added some great new blogs to my netvibes this morning and found some great material! Thanks to Copy Cat Chick, I now believe that I am slightly obsessed with having a zebra print rug.

What do you guys think?

Oh, and I come bearing fabulous news: we are back in our condo! It's hard to believe, but we are finally home! So despite all my house hunting anxiety, I have decided to continue our renovations. Afterall, our condo has to reflect our pretty outstanding personalities, don't you think? ;)


luvyourlife said...

I heart anything zebra print. And I think you and Augi could totally rock the rug.
Congrats on being back home!

Meli said...

I heart anything animal print - in moderation, of course ;)

I think we could rock it too! I found a fabulous and budget-conscious one at Target.com - I have to control myself and wait though!

Thanks for the congrats! We are super happy, you have no idea!

luvyourlife said...

I hate controlling! I have so many things I want to buy for our non-existent house. Good job on finding a more budget friendly one, that always rocks.

becoming-home said...

I'm a BIG fan of zebra rugs too. I almost bought zebra outdoor chair cushions until I realized my husband would kill me :)