Concert Season

So as I stated in my last post, I'm a big music fan.

A big music fan that is obsessed with concerts. I go to about one a month at least. This month, I am at two. I just saw Gavin Rossdale live two weeks ago in Orlando for free, which was ridiculously amazing considering I would have his babies if I wasn't already in line to have someone else's (love you honey). And tomorrow I will be seeing Spoon at Revolution with the hubs.

And that is just the beginning as it's almost summer concert season, which means Ticketmaster and I will be the closest of friends. We already have tickets for Radiohead in May and Pearl Jam in June, two bands I have never seen live and have always wanted to.

If you have never heard of Spoon, I definitely recommend downloading some of their songs. Their most recent album is called Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga - anything off of it is pretty much amazing, but my personal favorite is You Got Your Cherry Bomb. It's definitely car karaoke material.

Here's to hoping that I'll be able to sneak both my camera and Flip passed Revolution's strict security so I can post a proper concert review tomorrow. If not, there is always my trusty iphone.


LLove said...

Enjoy Spoon! I saw them in law school at Emory and had fun.

agustin said...

What is this talk about having babies with THE BRIT! I thought we agreed to not talk about these things in public OMGZ!!!!!!

Yay for PJ and Radiohead! Wooooo!

albertandclaudia said...

pearl jam was my first concert ever and the energy level was amazing! have fun!

Meli said...

I've heard Spoon is a fun band to see live - can't wait!

And Claudia - I've only heard amazing things about PJ live, I can't wait to experience it!!!!