Happy birthday to my everything

Credit: Maloman Photographers

Today is my husband's birthday. I met him roughly 7 years ago and ever since then, my life has been that much happier. I never knew how happy a relationship could make a person feel until we began ours. I never feel alone, I always feel supported - it gives me strength, confidence. He is the most amazing person I have ever met and I thank God every day for placing him in my life.

We have gone through dealing with one crazy ex, having a long distance relationship, severe disruption within our family lives, moving in together, planning a gorgeous wedding and now around the corner from celebrating our first year married. We are indestructible when we are together. We are each other's biggest fans.

And I love him.
With every fiber of my being.

Agustin Sanchez, you are the love of my life. My reason for living. My everything. Happy birthday :)


agustin said...

Wooooo! we rock!

Stefanie said...

So cute!

Happy belated birthday, Augi! :)

JennyLo said...