After a hiatus

I am back!
OK, so I didn't mention said hiatus, but I decided to take one because things were busy busy. I have decided that I am becoming more and more like my husband in that I am acquiring all these new hobbies and I just can't keep up!

- blogging
- digital scrapbooking
- project 365
- new PS3 (not a hobby but definitely a distraction)

OK, so that's not so many but paired with working full time, constantly checking in on my thesis process, registering for school (again!) for the spring semester and an always buzzing social life, I am wiped out! Plus the Holidays are coming. Ugh, how I dread Christmas.

The good news is that we will be celebrating our first year of marriage in exactly 2 weeks from today! Unbelievable! I remember our wedding day like it was just yesterday...and because of that, I will be posting random details from our wedding on the blog until we leave on our anniversary cruise next weekend!

And so I leave my readers with something worthwhile, I recommend all of you check out this extremely talented musician: Santogold.

She reminds me of someone in between MIA and Gwen Stefani, which of course equals brilliance. I've enjoyed listening to her self-titled CD for a couple of weeks now while driving with my windows down. Is there really anything better in life than love, music and sunshine? I don't think so.

Have a kick a** week!

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