{wedding week}: Rehearsal Dinner

I remember how surreal the day/night of my rehearsal dinner was. I
could not believe that my wedding was that weekend. All our family
and friends were in town, we were running around doing last minute
errands and I was trying my best not to freak out! Actually, I was
pretty proud of myself for being so mellow (something I am usually

The weather was amazing - very cool, breezy and sunny. I couldn't
have asked for better weather for an outdoor wedding.

Being a ham.

Although I was trying my best to be a goofball during this practice
down the aisle, inside I could not believe it was happening after TWO
years of planning.

Quickly after rehearsal, we headed to my father-in-law's home, where
both my in-laws were hosting the dinner. When I walked in through the
door, I was blown away. I don't know how many times I just gasped and
thanked them over and over again. The decor was stunning, everyone
commented that we should get married right there because everything
looked amazing!

Gorgeous table set up's with photo votives of us through the years!

Another shot of the longer tables.

The lounge area - cool or what???

The flying V groom's cake I ordered for Augi - how awesome did it turn
out? It was the hit of the party!

My gorgeous bridesmaids!

My gorgeous hubby-to-be! ;)


Aartee said...

Love your dress and the photo votives!

karenb said...

love the dress and the lounge area~!...

who did that awesome cake?

Meli said...

Thanks girls!

Karen - Delicioso Bakery did the cake :)

angela said...


I saw the aftermath of that cake.