{wedding week}: Details!

Well, I think it's pretty obvious that I tend to focus on the details when
planning something from my previous posts, so I decided to give my wedding
details their own personal wedding week post!

The hubs and I did a lot of DIY projects throughout the course of our
wedding planning and although it was very stressful and tiring, I wouldn't
have had it any other way! We were able to personalize our wedding in a way
that would have been impossible with store bought items.

So without further ado, here were my glorious details:

Both his&hers CD favors with our favorite love songs.

Our menu's that the hubs designed and we printed ourselves.

MR & MRS letters that I bought and painted from Michael's for our sweetheart

Our placecards that we also designed and printed ourselves.

Our ceremony programs that again, we designed and printed.

Petal cones that I put together myself so we could get pretty pretty petals
slapped in our faces ;)

Quite possibly my favorite detail: our guitar sign-in. Since my hubs is a
musician and we are both huge music fans, we figured it would be fitting.
The best part is that this was a wedding gift his mother gave his father on
their wedding day. It was a perfect way to retire it.

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Mango Gal said...

The guitar is by far my favorite detail of your wedding!