{wedding week}: Bridal Shower

I really really enjoy throwing parties. If you know me personally,
this is something you cannot deny. I love being around people, I love
making them happy and I just really really enjoy social events (with
people I like, of course). However, "showers" always turn me off. I
am not the girly type that enjoys opening present over present in front
of a crowd "ooooing" and "ahhhing." And don't get me started on stupid
games. So when it came time to plan my bridal shower, I wanted something

I know it is not very traditional for the bride to plan her own bridal
shower, but I did. And I'm so glad I did. I was in control and I loved
it! I decided to have it at my father-in-law's amazing Italian restaurant
and kept the guest list under 30 to make it more intimate. I worked very
hard on making the afternoon very special and unique mostly due to all my
little details to fit my flower theme.

Delicious menu choices :)

Personalized Jello injectors - a family tradition.

Flower box favors with yummy M&M's inside.

Flowered guava cupcakes that were oh-so-delish!

My gorgeous centerpieces!

A wish bowl set-up for guests to leave me their well wishes.

A scrapbook of Augi & I's relationship made by my sister.

A very un-cheesy game of Meli Trivia!

All photos courtesy of Studio By Carmen.


karenb said...

those are one of my FAVORITE centerpieces...i almost got them for my cocktail hour.....i think i want to use them for maybe my baby shower..if it's a girl. (no..not pregnant...just reserving the idea)...:)

Meli said...

Hehehe. I totally loved these, but then again, I'm a total wheatgrass freak when it comes to decor lol ;)

Karen Lisa said...

OMG! Why, WHY are you not an event planner? Everything you designed is gorgeous. I only wish I had talent in this area!

Meli said...

Karen L - Hehe! I would honestly love to be a planner, but right now is definitely not the time. And I can't give complete credit to myself - my hubby designs all the print materials, he is amazing!

Anonymous said...

i love your theme this week! <3 rozzy

Meli said...

I'm so glad you do, Rozzy!!!! Seems like maybe I should do more themes every now and then ;)