Spooky Love

Happy October!!!!
October is one of my favorite months b/c I'm kind of a Halloween fanatic. Ever since I was a little girl I loved dressing up and pretending I was someone else entirely for one night. I am one of the few that list Halloween as my favorite holiday rather than Christmas (which I loathe by the way). So needless to say, I start early as far as my costume goes. I've had it sitting in my room for a good month now. Unfortunately, I am keeping it to myself so you'll have to wait until the 31st to find out!

Things also start cooling down, which in Miami isn't very drastic, but we take what we can get. Plus, it's my hubs' birthday month which always brings great memories; this year will be no different. We are planning a fun black&white party complete with poker theme and hopefully absinthe!

My love for October got me thinking about all those girls holding Halloween weddings this year and next year since it finally falls on a weekend after what feels like an eternity of mid-week 'weenies, which never really feel the same. I would have loved the challenge of planning a Halloween wedding. Why challenge? Well, it's extremely hard to plan a Halloween wedding without it being extremely garrish and tacky - I would have really enjoyed cooking up a classy yet fun one. Look at these adorable ideas:

DIY Candy Corn favors!
Source: Paper Source

Adorable table setup.
Source: Hostess with the Mostess

Black & Orange Jones Soda Bottles
Source: Hostess with the Mostess

Adorable, right?
I know, I'm in the wrong field. I've heard that many a time since I was planning my wedding back in 2006. Maybe one day I'll make planning fabulous parties a career, but for now I'll just share them with you guys!

Have a fabulously spooky weekend!!!!
Mine will consist of a date night with the hubs, a girls happy hour and a cooking photoshoot.



Bonnie said...

I didn't know you loathed Christmas like I do! I like Christmas in the fact that family is around, but all the red and green and Christmas music (puke). Interesting that I never knew that about you. Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I'm a little biased, since it's my b-day month! I loved having costume birthday parties when I was little.

Meli said...

It isn't even Christmas specifically, it's all the stress that comes along with it that really makes me hate it!

Any plans for your bday??

Bonnie said...

Not celebrating. Our house is currently under construction, that and I don't have many friends that I would want to celebrate with. (You and Augi not included of course) It's my secret plan, if I don't celebrate maybe I can be 25 again :)