A post about my best friend.

I am a little behind as far as my blog reading goes, so I've been trying to catch up as best I can over the passed couple of days. I stumbled upon a great post on Newlywedisms by Bryn (one of my favorite daily blogs) spotlighting her better half: her husband.

I can technically say I was tagged since she did note at the end of her post that all newlyweds should participate. So here I go!

Things the hubs loves:

The History Channel. I've never seen someone so fascinated by programming in my life. Thanks to him, I can say that I am thatmuch smarter.

Hasselblad cameras. The hubs is a sucker for photography and I have to say that he is amazing at it. One of his favorite toys that he obsesses over is the Hasselblad. They are built like tanks and the lens coating is amazing. It is your ultimate fashion photography must.

Batman. I have a feeling that when I'm not around, he prances around in a cape speaking in a raspy voice. I just know it.

Jack White of the White Stripes. Augi's favorite band and I think it's pretty safe to say his favorite current musician. Anything Jack does, Augi is interested. Don't believe me? Check out his latest blog post on the James Bond theme White collaborated with Alicia Keys on.

Mixtapes. Only in digital form. I can honestly say that no one does it better than the hubs. He puts all his energy into them and makes sure they flow perfectly. It's extremely entertaining to see one constructed from over his shoulder ;)

Cherry Gibson 335. My hubs is first and foremost a musician. It runs through his blood. And this is his favorite guitar. No, he does not own it yet but someday I have a feeling I will see it hanging on our wall. I absolutely love being married to a guitarist - hearing him play in the background while I study, shower, even sleep is just so soothing. I can't even describe it, but I know it is home.

Vintage rides. Especially the Porsche 1955 356a Speedster. I always say Karman Ghia, he always responds Porsche. A marriage: divided. ;)

Apple products. Yes, all of them. Macbook, ipod, iphone, you name it - Augi has it. If there is an Apple store in a new city we are visiting - we will be stopping by. It's a givin.

San Francisco: his home. There is not a day that goes by that I know my hubs does not miss his hometown of SF. I have been lucky enough to visit and can finally see what he has all this time. It really is an incredible city and hopefully we'll get to visit again in the very near future. :)

Oh yeah, and me ;)

Now I must ask, what does the hubs think I love? Tag, you're it!

ps; I love her most recent posts entitled "wedding week" - a series of posts leading up to her one year anniversary chronicling her wedding planning from '07. I see myself "borrowing" that idea come November ;)


agustin said...

man, i look too cool on paper. I accept your tag and will have a post on my blog at some point by this weekend.

i <3 you.

Anonymous said...

this is soooo sweet.

share a list of your favorite blogs. im sure you've done this somewhere sometime. link me?


Amanda Roo said...

I snagged this.

Meli said...

I actually haven't made a post with my favorite links, but I really really have to. It's a challenge and I'll try my best to make a post about it sometime this week, Roz. :)

And Amanda - definitely do it!!!!

Babes - I'm still waiting for that post ;)

agustin said...

you'll get your blogpost. good things come to those with patience.

i heart you.