Digi Scrap

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!!!
Ours was pretty relaxing, unfortunately the hubs had to work all day yesterday so Labor Day was pretty literal for him. I was able to work on my thesis defense (powerpoint presentation - check!) and pick up a new hobby: Digital Scrapbooking.

Since middle school I have been scrapbooking my millions of photos, but had abandoned it for the past 3 years mostly because it is so time-consuming as well as expensive. I hated that I no longer had all my memories saved in an album, but at the same time couldn't muster the energy or cash to start up where I left off (right after our engagement - yikes!).

Thanks to three days of digital scrapbooking, I've almost taken care of a whole year! There are countless sites full of layouts, paper, elements and alphabets all at your disposal. I pull these into Photoshop along with my photos and bam! You have a gorgeous layout ready to print and slip into your scrapbook. Now, I am still a rookie so my layouts are not as gorgeous as some of these, but I'm learning.


Karen Lisa said...

woohoo! your pages look great!

karenb said...

looks good! it's a great idea!

Bonnie said...

Awesome Manga! I'm glad someone tried it out before I did :)
I'm an old fashioned (money spending) scrapbooker, and I had seen kits for digital scrapbooking, but was too intimidated :)

They look great, I think I'll try it!