Escaped and VMA-ed.

Well, it looks like we escaped the gloom and doom that is Hurricane Ike.
Unfortunately Cuba was not as lucky. My thoughts and prayers are with the Cubans and I hope they get out of this safely.

On another completely unrelated note, what did you guys think of the VMA's last night? After reading around on my blogs, I don't think it was as bad as others seemed to have thought even though I can admit that it was a bit strange. The whole backlot and sound staged performances just didn't do it for me. Plus, it made me feel old b/c I had never heard of half of the bands performing or winning (Paramore? Tokio Hotel? Who?).

Also, who else thought it was rigged to put Britney in a favorable light? I thought it was blatantly obvious. What was up with her muddled intro?

And was I the only one that found Russell Brand awesome? It could be b/c he's British (I have a thing), but I was loving him!

This also furthered my debate as to where I stand with Katy Perry. Do I like her? Do I hate her? She is adorably cute, but her album was crap. "I Kissed a Girl" is super catchy and I found myself singing it the rest of the night, but I feel like she just sings things purely for shock value. Eh, I think I'll just stick to my buddy, Lily Allen.

Ah, the ponderings that result from an evening with Mtv.


JennyLo said...

I totally agree. Either I'm getting old or the vma's have lost their touch. It was terrible this year!

tamsterg said...

The VMA's have definitely lost what made them great, oh, 5 maybe 10 years ago. Aside from Russell Brand, the VMA's have become a slow and torturous stab in the eye with a rusted spoon. Performers lip-sync to their own music as they try to outdance the professional dancers. Elaborate costumes and set-ups are used to distract the audience from the fact that they can't sing/dance/walk/perform. The presenters are paper dolls pulled and push by master-minded coporates upstairs. And then of course is the fact that the VMA's has simply become a venue for burn-out, washed-up, trash-dumped "artists" to either (a) "Dig themselves deeper" as it were, (b) Try to redeem themselves by putting on a fake smile and faux"white-dress", (c) Show a new side of themselves which often involves bumpin and grindin or "talent". In any case, I've given on up VMA's and even MTV. As said in the all to overplayed song, "when did Ozzy become an actor?"

Meli said...

Jenny - I think it's both!

tamsterg - number one, thanks for keeping up with my little humble blog. number two, I definitely agree with you on that front. I try to stay "hip" by keeping up with these awards and what not, but unfortunately, Mtv is not what it used to be and it is not a new development.