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What better way to make the beginning of a hellacious week more bearable than hot men? I've seen this meme popping up on several blogs and thought I would take part myself. Here are my top 10 men:

Better known to some as Mr. Gwen Stefani, I have had a pretty intense love affair with Gavin since I was 14 years old. Unfortunately, it has only gotten worse with age and is pretty pathetic. I support him in whatever he may do, even if it is coming out with some pretty "pop-gay" material. I think he is the most beautiful man on the planet (aside from my hubs, of course). I hate you, Gwen Stefani :)

Hugh Jackman pretty much makes up "my type": tall, dark & handsome. I also totally dig that he has no problem giving men lap dances in public and performs on broadway. I cannot wait to see him in the Wolverine movie - it looks amazing. Plus the hubs just informed me that he will be half naked for a substantial part. Sold!

I have to admit that at first I didn't understand the allure of Clive Owen. He never really did it for me. Then I watched Sin City and my opinion totally changed. Don't ask me why or how, I joked that it must have been the black and white lighting. I adore his accent, his charm and his dry, sarcastic British humor. Um, have you seen his wife? I just don't get it.

And now for something completely different. Although I'm sure you have all noticed a pattern until now (accents, tall, dark and handsome), Elijah definitely breaks the mold. I just have a really big weak spot for cute little nerds. And Elijah has been my cute little nerd since I was about 9 years old. Do you guys remember Radio Flyer? Forever Young? North? Well, they all pretty much were staples of my youth. When I was sick, my mom knew she better come home with an Elijah movie. And nothing has really changed. I absolutely love him and the fact that we have about 356 things in common. Number 1? Favorite band: Smashing Pumpkins. Need I say more?

Now if I bring up Elijah, it is only fair that I mention Dom next! Despite the huge success of Lost and it being my favorite show ever, I was a huge Dom fan during the whole Lord of the Rings craze. I absolutely love this kid. A huge part of the attraction is just his hilariously spazzy sense of humor. When I found out he was going to be on a TV show, I got super excited. Needless to say, I didn't take his death on Lost well at all. I was a sobbing pile of loser. And everytime there is a rare Charlie flashback, I start screaming and squealing like a little girl. And then cry. Damn you, JJ Abrams. Damn you.

There is nothing really to this crush except for one main thing: ABS. OK, and he also makes me laugh like a maniac. I got pretty upset at Dane Cook when I first heard his standup b/c I swore he delivered his jokes in the same exact manner as Ryan Reynolds. Anyways, and then there are his abs.

I totally love this guy. Being a huge Wes Anderson and Sophia Coppola fan, I've seen a lot of his movies and have loved every single one. He has this magnetism that you just cannot deny. Everything he does is fabulous. Plus, he was the drummer in one of my favorite bands, Phantom Planet. He is just the ultimate indie kid and usually that would repulse me, but I can't help but love him for it. I want to go out dancing with him and have drunken deep conversations.

Another Lostie. I can't help that the island is populated by a bunch of hotties, OK? As the hubs would say (yes, the hubs), he has one of the best breast plates EVAR. As I'm sure the producers know since he is always in half opened shirts, which is fine by me! His character is beyond fascinating to me - it is the hopeless romantic in me. I've loved watching him chase after his one true love season after season and cried like a sap when he was finally reunited with his Penny!!! And that accent is amazing. Seriously, he could cuss me out and I would still be smiling, Brotha.

This is another one I was not a fan of at first. Hard to believe, I know, since he is ridiculously gorgeous, but his character on Lost annoyed the crap out of me. I wanted horrible things to happen to him because of his nasty little attitude. And then we all realized that Sawyer was a good guy that just had some inner demons. And then slowly I started to love him. And now it's full blown. The man is flipping beautiful - have you seen his ads for Cool Water? And did you guys know he was the dude that thiefs Alicia Silverstone's hip Jansport bag in the Cryin' video? Amazing (no pun intended).

Brian Kinney would definitely hate to be last on my list, but alas, that is the way the cookie crumbles. If you have never seen Queer As Folk, please do! It is an incredible show. Gale plays the main character: a brooding, narcissistic, successful, sex driven asshole and he does it so well. It's hard to believe that he is so soft spoken and well-mannered in real life. Anyways, the man is a beaut and supposedly he was one of the only guys on the show that was not gay. There is hope! ;)

So I hope you enjoyed my eye candy and feel free to leave me your lists!
Happy Monday!


agustin said...

your husband approves of these choices, especially the bearded ones.


Karen Lisa said...

I'm such a nerd! instead of commenting on the men (I agree with you for most of them, btw), I'm more interested in what FONT you used for their names! I LOVE IT!

Meli said...

Everyone should be BEARDED!!!!!!

Karen - LOL. I'm pretty sure I used GinoSchoolScript, but I'll have to double check when I get home ;)

Ashley in Wonderland said...

Hooray, hot guy list! (Although for some reason the lj feed of this went beserk & was filled with random coding after about the 5th guy down, eek! Glad you're coming back there for real!)

I didn't know you had an E.W. thing, where have I been? I would've beat you down in 7th grade if I'd known you thought you loved him. Because you see, my friend Sara & I were the only people allowed to be Elijah fans. We were PSYCHO, like you would wonder about my mental health if I told you some of the stories of what we did! So yeah, I'll always have a place in my heart for him, my *first love* hehe

Mango Gal said...

Great list!

You've been tagged!
"8 Things that we may or may not know about you"

My post:

Meli said...

ASH! I totally have my whole life. I fear what would have become of me had you found out in grade school ;)

Ms. Mango, I will try my hardest to make my 8 things list my post for tomorrow!

Paris said...

I just found out you had a blog! I just started one myself! Anyway, I completely agree with the "everyone should be bearded" statement, and am currently watching LOST instead of studying. I hope you are doing good!