Power of positivity

Things have been pretty difficult on my end lately.
A lot of things happening at once and like the terrible woman I am, I've been having a hard time multitasking. I don't want to share this with many people, so I have kept it relatively quiet and between my closest family and friends, but I'm doing something pretty important next week that will hopefully open a lot of doors for me and will start a new chapter in my life. So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers next weekend.
Work has also been extremely demanding with two major audits within the next month. I'm just mentally and physically tired.

I do have good news though!
We seem to have a house broken dog as of last week!
Gwen has not had any accidents and has been understanding almost all commands. She really is turning out to be an amazing dog; she is definitely following in her big brother's footsteps. So congratulations to Gwen for becoming a big girl!!

Photo courtesy of the hubs.


agustin said...

i heart you very much, and of course I agree that our little gwen is shaping up into a great dog.

Stefanie said...

Definitely in my thoughts! Good luck with your upcoming plans <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Meli,
This is Kat ( aka: katovarious/little_llamas from livejournal). I logged into livejournal after years of no action, and i saw that you had switched to blogger. Of course I read through almost all of your blog and discovered you and augi are hubby and wife. Congrats! I even watched the wedding video and you aren't gonna believe it, i teared up a bit. what a beautiful ceremony! Not even sure if you remember me but, just thought i'd say hello and give you two a huge and belated congrats!!

Meli said...

Of course I remember you, Kat!!!
So glad you found me :)
And aw, thank you for the comments on the wedding. It really was an amazing night. I wish I could relive it over and over again.

I hope you keep reading <3333