The Best&Worst of the 'Globes.

Unfortunately for my husband, I really enjoy watching red carpet footage from any
Hollywood event and looking at all the beautiful (& not so beautiful) people.

Last night were the Golden Globes and although kind of snorefest-y, I found myself
somehow bearing the full 3 hours (again, poor husband). I'm one of the few that found
Kate Winslet's acceptance speech extremely genuine & heartfelt, am very intrigued to
now watch Slumdog Millionaire, was very excited to see my Mr. Quinto
presenting on-stage, wondered who the hell styled Drew Barrymore, and why Sting
was suddenly homeless.

There were other thoughts, of course, but here is what every red blooded female
cares about when it comes to award shows: the fashion! So without further ado,
here is my best & worst list from the evening:

OK, so I just wanted to squeal and swoon over that last photo. Can't blame a girl, right?

Eva Longoria's gown was ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean outrageous! Look at it! If
I was getting married all over again, this would be the dress I would be replicating. It hugged
her in all the right places and I adored the scalloped neckline. Rumer Willis, although not my
favorite person out there, looked amazing (& I don't say that much). Purple is the new hot
color and it definitely worked for her. January Jones is not an actress I'm familiar with since
I haven't watched an episode of Mad Men yet, but her dress immediately caught my
eye. It was so whimsical and retro - perfectly complimenting her beautiful hair do. Love her
already! Finally, Sandra just looked so well put together and classy. She tends to always look
pretty flawless and this was no exception.

This list always seems a lot easier to compile. Sigh. It makes me want to buy each of them a
full-length mirror. Jennifer Lopez, honey. Seriously. You've already shocked us with your half
naked ensemble years ago when you were younger and in better shape. Now it just seems desperate
and so horribly wrong. Renee Zellweger looked like she just joined the Cullen family, Drew
Barrymore looked like she just walked out of a trailer park with that big bleached blonde hair &
terrible black roots, and Kate Beckinsale was attacking everyone with her unruly "neckline" (?).
Finally, poor poor Mickey Rourke. I didn't know him and Steven Tyler were so tight they shared

What did you guys think?
Do you agree with my choices?


Anonymous said...

!!! I <3 Awards Season !!!

I totally agree with your picks on Best & Worst dressed! Although I may have placed Cameron Diaz on the Worst list only because HOT pink is not her color...and the neckline...spew.

Also, Drew's dress I think was very pretty...but that Silicone Valley, pill popping, de-virginized in the back of a Buick celebutant look is so 1975 it's ridiculous.

P.S. This was Niv...I couldn't remember my Blogger Account info! LOL

Meli said...

Cameron Diaz did look a little barf-tastic, but she always looks that way to me so I guess I just found it normal lol.

Drew's dress was just an awful color for her complexion as well. It wasn't the worst, but paired with the hair - it was one big mess!

Until the Oscars! ;)

Jackie said...

Thanks for the recap. I didn't have a chance to watch the show, but I do love seeing the fashion. I agree w/ all your choices. I totally love Eva's dress!

JennyLo said...

Totally agree with all your choices. Eva was the best! Im in love with that dress!

luvyourlife said...

Cameron Diaz did look a little barf-tastic, but she always looks that way to me so I guess I just found it normal lol.
I thought I was the only one, haha.

I did love Drew's dress but can't even believe she thought she could get away with that hair!!

And even though I heart Steven Tyler like woah, what you said about sharing clothes with Mickey was hilarious.

Meli said...

Glad you girls agreed!

& Megs...brain twins for life!

Ashley in Wonderland said...

Meli! Sigh. I hope we can move past you putting my Drew on your list. I understand why people didn't like her hair (I myself was only digging it from certain angles), but her dress was absolutely gorgeous!!! Come on now.

Meli said...

Oh Ash!
I'm sure we'll be able to get through this together ;)

I just couldn't like the dress! Like I said on a previous comment, the color was all wrong and I hate how it looked like a hoop skirt on the bottom. :|

You know I love little Drew though!

nadia said...

Totally agree with you on all the choices...Although I know at first I told you I thought Drew looked pretty good...I have to admit I hadn't seen the whole package until the other day...WOAH...so wrong!

And with Jennifer, I think that was just an in-your-face thing...please remember the girl had twins! But then again, Salma had a GORGEOUS dress, looked stunning, and gave birth a year ago! And about Mickey...were you really expecting anything different? He's so overly-botoxed, stretched and burnt-out...I found it normal for him...He looked like He just got up from a nap under the freeway bridge...and he probably did!
big puffy heart ZQ!

Meli said...

More reason for Jennifer to cover up and wear something *appropriate* - although that might be asking too much in her case. ;)

And LOL @ your Mickey Rourke comment - love you.

Puffy hearts are circling ZQ's pretty little head.