Friday treat

My lovely friend sent me a link to this video earlier this week & I figured I would
share it with all of you. She knows I have a long standing Elijah Wood crush &
although I loved the fact that he was in it, I'm happy it turned me on to a new
artist & amazing new song to love.

I also love that this was shot at Galco's Soda Pop Shop in Los Angeles, a store
devoted to carrying rare glass-bottled sodas. It sounds like a place that I would
love to visit.

How The Day Sounds from Miky Wolf on Vimeo.

Enjoy & have a great weekend!


Ashley in Wonderland said...

One day I'll tell you some of the stories from my Elijah Wood loving days, although you might disown me as a friend when you find out how psychotic I was ... I mean really. I'm not exaggerating.

Until then! From this shoot: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29591640@N06/3125037821/

Meli said...

Um, seriously I don't think you could frighten me in any way. Don't you know what a tremendous fangirl I am? I had his face on my 21st birthday cake for christ's sake. LOL.
And unfortunately I do not just fangirl for one person. I am a ridiculous mess for several people at a time. ;)
So no, I will only love you more, my dear Ash. Hehe.

Paris said...

I find that man EXTREMEMLY attractive. And his voice is wonderful. Thank you for this!

Meli said...

Which man? ;)
Anytime, my Paris love.