So last night was our LOST party and as expected, we had a great
time being a bunch of nerds together. The polar bear was a big hit
and got a lot of love throughout the night by our guests, there was
a special appearance by the infamous snuggie and everyone enjoyed
their Dharma beverages. Unfortunately, the weather was uncharacteristically
freezing so the ringlight photoshoot was a no-go. I did manage to brave
the cold long enough at the end of the night to get a few good Dharma
propaganda shots!

Credit: El Sanchez

As far as the show goes, I thought it was outstanding! I think watching
it along with so many LOST fans this time around made it that much better -
there really was a feeling of excitement in the air (as corny as that may
sound). I do not want to include any spoilers for those that may not have
seen it yet or still plan on jumping on the LOST bandwagon, but suffice it
to say that I was very pleased. I just really hope that the rest of the season
can keep this pace because if so, we are in for a great one!

Up next? Heroes Volume 4 viewing party! Hell yes.


The Panic Room said...

umm beer labels...Amazing

Meli said...

Why thank you!

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Haha - too funny about the beer!