Internet Celebrity?

The Internet sure is a funny place.

Last Saturday night we celebrated our good friend Ian's birthday with a rousing game
of laser tag followed by some amazing beer at our favorite Broward bar, Ye Olde Falcon
. While at the pub, we noticed a group of people to our left that were seeming to have
a great time with each other and were obviously very very drunk. As we were getting ready
to leave, one of them pointed out Ian's camera (he's a photographer for the Sun Sentinel)
and started chatting about photography (she was a photographer as well).

It was at that moment that one of the girls in the group made eye contact with me and
began flailing around shouting "you are on THE KNOT!" I couldn't help but laugh as my
husband just looked on in awe of the whole interaction. She got so excited and went on
to say how she loved our wedding and was borrowing some of our ideas and was just
generally giddy. We left shortly after and as we were walking outside to our car, the hubs
just looks at me & says, "OMG you are an Internet celebrity. I can't believe people are
recognizing you when we go out."

It was quite possibly the most random, flattering, strange, awesome thing that has happened
to me as of late and really got me thinking about the power the Internet holds. Did The
Knot really make me a local Internet celebrity?

If it did, I better not let this fame get to my head. ;)

Happy MLK day, everyone!


JennyLo said...

Congrats you are famous! And yes- your wedding was drop dead gorgeous on one of the best on the knot!

Rox said...

gotta say i know that feeling, i've been at public places and been like "hey where do i know that person" only to cringe after and reliaze know them from the Knot what I a looney I am!!!
The best was when I recognized your sister at the Walk. I almost turned myself into a hospital after that

Karen Lisa said...

lol.. that's awesome. I was once recognized by another photographer who knew my face from the pictures on my website. It was a neat feeling!