Inspiring lady.

Photo credit goes to: calanan.com

OK. I'll admit it.
I love a lot of things...well...a lot.
I'm one of those people that say "I love _____" often. What can I say?
I suppose I abuse the word. But I really do just find so many things to be
so many levels of awesome.

And I guess this is one of them, but I still find her to be extra special.
Who am I talking about?
Dooce, of course.

Although I have been a bad blogger lately and not kept up with her writings,
I have to admit that she is such an inspiration. And not only to fellow bloggers,
but to women in general. Hell, to people in general.

She has this uncanny ability to bear her soul without hesitation. There it
is. Just out there for everyone to read (and see). No fear. Just complete and total
exposure. And it's refreshing. And it's beautiful. And it's life. And your invited.

I highly recommend subscribing to her blog. She is currently 18 weeks pregnant
with her second child and I don't think I've ever been happier for anyone I did not
know personally. It's kind of silly, but that's the connection she makes with her readers.
For example, the highlight of my husband's trip to SXSW was getting to dance with
her at one of the after parties. And my husband does not fanboy often. He did this time.

And as if reading her daily musings wasn't great enough, she has finally published a
book of her memoirs documenting her first pregnancy and subsequent postpartum
depression: It Sucked, and Then I Cried. It will be available on March 24th, but is
currently available for pre-order at Amazon.com and you better believe I will have
a copy. She is also doing a handy-dandy book tour in select cities, which unfortunately
Miami is not a part of. Wretched. But maybe your city is lucky enough to host her!

So in conclusion, I may fangirl often but take my word on this one.

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