Bedroom Revisited.

So I finally switched our West Elm duvet cover for one of our wedding registry gifts: a Crate & Barrel bed quilt.
I thought it was so adorable and had that fun pop of color in the swirls that feeds my need for brightness. But now that I made the switch, I noticed that our bedroom looks so dark and gloomy. There is way too much dark brown going on! Not even the swirls are helping!

I was thinking of finding some cute & brightly colored decorative pillows to throw in the mix. What do you guys think? Will that bring a little more life back into our room? Any other tips or pointers? Please keep in mind that when we lay down our floors in a few months, they are going to be very dark as well.

ps; Yes, my dog thinks he owns our bed. Yes, we know that's a problem. No, we are not addressing it. ;)


Stefanie said...

I think that your new dark floors (once you get them) will actually make the lightness of your walls stand out and will make your room seem less gloomy and will pull it all together -- especially once you add some colorful throw pillows! :)

raffaella said...

colorful pillows, maybe a bright area rug (depending on the layout of your room, can't see from the pic where you would put it)
It will look great!

Monica said...

I would def throw some colorful pillows on there. Mybe some greens (since I know you love green) and use colored candles (maybe in oranges or whatever color the duvet has) around the room. I agree, it looks really dark right now so you need to break up the brown in the bed...beautiful though, I love it

Meli said...

Thanks girls!
I found this great orange shag rug on Ebay that may fit perfectly :)