Music Spotlight: Mute Math

It's time for another music spotlight.
Maybe I should make this a weekly ritual?
What do you guys think?

They are ridiculously amazing. At first I thought they were just a regular rock band, one in a million. Then our good friend, Chris, told us to come see them live. It completely blew me away. Not only do they have the most energy I have EVER seen on a stage (well, besides the Foo Fighters), but they were amazingly talented. Since then, we have seen them 2 more times and I hope the number keeps growing. I really encourage all of you to listen to their stuff, but highly recommend seeing them live - it is about a gazillion times more fulfilling than listening to their album.

Now, their album has been out for a good 2 years so I was itching for some new material - even commented this to the hubs a couple of weeks ago, and then today he emails me a link to the band's youtube account. Seems they are in the process of recording a new album and have compiled some viral videos to help promote it. They are pretty outstanding.

They really seem to be pushing their style to new levels this time around, so I can't wait to see what the final product is like!


Mango Gal said...

First time I saw them was when they opened for Mae at The Culture Club and I became a fan. They're great! I love it when the drummer goes off playing on anything he can find, does he still duck tape those headphones to his ears?

Meli said...

That's how our friend discovered them as well :)

Yes, he still duct tapes his ears up - we actually were able to meet him and chat with him for awhile at the last show and he is a great guy. Really sweet.

agustin said...

The duct tape has almost become a ritual for him.

They do so much analog delay effects live that he has to be able to isolate the things he needs to be hear.

The whole band is super nice. Check out the videos on their account; my fave is the street interviews where they let people preview the songs.